Oh no, not more snow…


Last night David was pleased with himself.  “This weekend, I unstopped the toilet and I got the computer in my shop to connect to the Internet,” says he.  Amazing isn’t it, how we enjoy those small triumphs so much?

I had my triumph too.  I figured out how to copy a photo from Facebook directly to my iPad.  Yes, I’ve included photos copied from Facebook in my posts in the past, but to copy them I went through some tortured steps.  The copies I made yesterday came directly from Facebook to my iPad with no intervening steps. The proof is in the Maxine cartoon above, and the prayer at the end of this post, from my friend Debbi, the wolf girl in California.  https://schmidleysscribblins.com/2010/10/17/the-girl-who-lives-with-wolves/

Wolf walking.

Wolf walking.

Young dog and old wolf meet.

Young dog and old wolf meet.

Debbi's wolf and dog play in the snow near Yosemite

Debbi’s wolf and dog play in the snow near Yosemite

IMG_0038I’m linking this post to Michelle’s Nature Notes.

28 thoughts on “Oh no, not more snow…

  1. Pingback: Nature Notes (#248)~I ask people why they have deer heads on their walls. They always say because it’s such a beautiful animal. There you go. I think my mother is attractive, but I have photographs of her.~Ellen DeGenere | ~RAMBLING WOODS~

  2. Well done on achieving some steps forward, both of you. Loved the wolf photos and the prayer. Thanks Diane. Looks like we’re getting snow on Thursday Diane, supposed to be at least five to ten inches, so you and David stay safe and warm, and let’s hope the forecast is wrong!


  3. Oh I do love those wolf pictures and the great poem. And yes it is the small triumphs that keep us going sometimes. (Of course if I learned to do any of the things you — or David — accomplished I would call them a big triumph.

    David has gotten a good long way from little Lakeland Florida! (Although I expect it would have been a nice place to grow up.)


  4. I am struggling with syncing my iPad and iPhone with my PC. Argh. I have my Dropbox and BOX cloud storage that just don’t want to shake hands. Sigh…. I’ll have to wait until my son-in-law gets here in June.


  5. Hooray! Electronics success is a big triumph from my perspective. Love that Maxine cartoon and the wolf photos. Had difficulty reading the prayer, even enlarged. Guard your health as you pick up the threads of your busy days.


  6. It’s triumphant when we get something electronic accomplished around here too. We appear back online again. Our isp was down most of the weekend. At least G can work from home today as it appears to be up again. Stay warm.


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