Feeling better

Our Victory Garden in Texas, 1945

Our Victory Garden in Texas, 1945

After a week of misery with he worst cold I’ve had in many years, I am on the road to recovery.  I missed a full week at the gym, but we do what we must.  Besides, I probably caught the germ that infected me at the gym.

My doc told me I could take Tylenol COLD caplets and I did.  They don’t cure, but they did offer some relief from the symptoms.


Watermelons, South Carolina, 1945.  Dad said the big one weighed 75 pounds.

Watermelons, South Carolina, 1945. Dad wrote, “The big one weighed 75 pounds and Dianne wouldn’t sit still.

During my illness, I managed to stick to my Weight Watchers diet.  I am making vegetable soup today in my continuing effort to eat the five fruits and veggies dietician recommend. I emptied the vegetable drawer and threw everything in the pot: carrots, cabbage, celery, etc., and tossed out items past their ‘sell buy’ date. This won’t be the best veggie soup I’ve made, but it will be a real Hotchpotch.


David came home from the credit union yesterday and said, “i did it.”  He was referring to the mysterious amount of money missing from his AIG IRA account.  He was very upset, but I told him to look at the bright side, no one committed fraud, i.e. figured out how to purloin a check. I also suggested once agin that he notify AIG that they should only request withdrawals linked to forms with two signatures.

He was down for the rest of the day, but is better today and off to his meeting.  He says Clare, his dog, crawled in bed with him and slept next to him all night.  She knows when he is upset and tries to comfort him.  Talking with Essay at the CR cheered him tremendously. He announced to me he was going to live at least to age 90.  (He’s known Essy for fifty years.)


Connie is coming up to visit today and she always cheers David.  She and Bill are stopping by the Retirement Home to visit Francis on the way.  Francis is Connie’s 99-year old MIL from her first marriage.

Connie asked about the weather, and I told her, ‘same old same old.’  Rain, snow, sleet, you name it.

Mom and Michelle, Texas 1944

Mom and Michelle at Nana’s, Joe Wheeler Dam, AL (TVA), 1944

Dad, GA, 1945

Dad, Fort Fredericka GA, 1945

18 thoughts on “Feeling better

  1. It’s fun to see your old pictures in with the commentary about today — I want to do some scanning and I think your idea is more interesting than just a straight memory post.

    I can’t imagine doing that when I had a cold….when I’m sick I just want to lie in bed with my head under a pillow.

    Keep on getting better.


  2. Somehow a bad cold seems more demoralizing than a lot of other maladies. I agree with your doctor and will always take cold tablets the minute I feel one coming on. They really seem to help. You were probably way too far into the cold for them to have much of an effect. Hope you are up and around now.


  3. Today Illaena is 50 so that means we’ve known each other for more than 50 years ! How can that be possible ??? Time seems to warp for me I can remember things with such detail from years ago but forget what I had for lunch yesterday.The first thing I learned to cook was vegetable soup I used to call it fridge soup because like you my Mom would take everything in the fridge when she cleaned it out and throw it in the pot.Remember having to defrost the fridge ?? What a mess..Glad you feel better say Hey to Connie for me. Oh, a hint to make your soup more “veggie” use v-8 in it works great and adds a lot taste .


  4. Love these old photos, I like the fact that you are the one that keeps moving. That would be me too. Sorry you’ve been sick with a bad cold and glad you are feeling much better. I bet your hodgepodge soup will taste great.


  5. Glad you are on the mend. And kudos for sticking to WW while under the weather. I have not had a cold in so many years that I am afraid I would binge on comfort food. Except if I remember from colds in my teen, my sense of taste was eliminated while the cold was in residence.


  6. Sounds like quite a week, mostly good. I feel that life is for the living and I should stop fretting over dying. Focus on living, instead. Always ask yourself, what fun is in store for me tomorrow?


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