Keeping up with the times

Micki and Dee

Micki and Dee

Above one of the photos I managed to scan yesterday. (I think I got the hang of it… I think I can, I think I can.)  The photo shows me with sister Michelle.  Mom called us Micki and Dee.  She  is 21 months younger than me and turns 70 this February 23. Mom had her the day after her own birthday when she was 28.

We are standing in the back of one of Dad’s old pickup trucks, probably somewhere in Georgia or South Carolina.  If my parents don’t identify the place I don’t know where we are.  I suspect it was Myrtle Beach SC where we lived for a year or so in 1947, and where my brother Mike was born, but I look too young, so it might be one of a dozen places we lived in Texas.

My sister was blonde and blue-eyed, like Grandma Nana, our Dutch grandmother from Groningen in Holland. like me, Michelle is now grey although she still has blue eyes.

Mom always said ‘Holland’ around her mom.  She wrote Netherlands in my baby book.  I call the country The Netherlands.  I’ve read the two different terms come from different parts of the country.  People living in what was the Dutch Republic until Napoleon destroyed it (northern five provinces) called it Holland.  People from the southern provinces, once part of the Spanish Empire, called it the Netherlands.  Mom’s dad came from Zealand, a province in the southern part of the country. Like her Dad’s family, Mom had dark eyes and hair, as I do. (Spanish soldiers spreading their genes around I think).  The Dutch have a term for the folks from the south.  They call them Zealanders or something like that, although I don’t know the correct Dutch term.


Those with no interest in the Netherlands and its charms will find all this boring so I will share my exciting day with you which so far has included retrieving my new glasses from Lenscrafters, finishing my book on Italy, and helping David figure out how to unstop a toilet.  He had no success with the wrong plunger.  I told him about Kay’s Musing’s suggestions  and her interesting discussion in one of her posts about the two types of plungers, one for toilets and one for drains.  If you’re looking for useful household tips, try Kay (link in the blog roll below).


While David got our parking ticket validated, I sat on a bench surveying the shops on the level blow and realized that many of the stores once knew are gone. In fact most of them are gone.  We drove home past houses I no longer recognize and under a 60-year old bridge undergoing massive changes…the old bridge is gone.  If I live here long enough, everything I once knew will be gone.  I don’t feel nostalgic for any of it, not at all.  Change is what we live with and as someone said, we must move with the times.  My grandchildren are growing up in a world almost alien to me.  But I got my printer/scanner to talk to my Macbook, so kids…. I’m trying to keep up.

Below, me, Mom, Dad and Michelle, Fort Fredericka GA, 1945Fort Fredericka GA

16 thoughts on “Keeping up with the times

  1. Oh my! Thank you for the kind mention, Dianne! I hope the plunger worked. Your scanned photos are just so beautiful. They are all treasures. When we were in Holland, we did notice that they called their country Netherlands. It sounded like Nederlands though.


  2. I’ve always wondered about the two names for Holland, so thanks for that.

    And what must uitlanders make of us, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, comprising four countries but we’re one country…?


  3. I grew up calling it Holland. I’ve never been there but always wanted to visit the tulip fields. Lovely old photos again. Your photos are lovely, glad you persevered. I have always enjoyed Kay’s tips. I’m popping over there right now to see what she has today. First day home after our Florida trip. I am being a bit lazy as I feel like I have walked all over Florida.


  4. I am so enjoying your vintage photos. I knew you would get the hang of it! 🙂

    I was just reading on Lifehacker or somewhere similar about the two types of plungers. I had no idea the one I’ve been using for the toilet is actually for the sink. Then again, I’ve never had a stopped up sink. Live and learn!


  5. Those family pix are wonderful. And I am proud you are keeping up with technology. I just this p.m. saw an ad for some app or maybe something else. I didn’t understand a word. and mentioned it to Walter. “It’s because they know you aren’t going to buy it. They are targeting a different audience,”

    I asked if he understood what they were talking about. He didn’t either. I don’t think we are keeping up. Scary.


  6. I remember riding from Munich through Holland by chartered bus in Feb 1970 and waiting for hours at the airport in Amsterdam to catch a flight to New York City. It was really humid at sea level, unlike the bitter dry cold in Munich. I would love to see Holland again. You have a very good looking family, Dianne. Beautiful genes.


  7. You are like me and my three mac gadgets; I was really proud of myself when I managed to get the iTunes working on all three and sync them. And I did it all by myself.

    You are right about not minding about changes to the current environment although I mind when somebody messes nature about enough to spoil it for good. What I mind is not being able to live in all the places at the same time.

    Your quote : ‘you can’t go home again’ is spot-on, like never stepping into the same river twice.
    Almost the same meaning.

    Us oldies need to keep the grey cells going by hook or by crook.

    I like Holland very much, we used to live on the border. I visited lots of times for all sorts of reasons. I had a Dutch grandma too.


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