Frustrated…that’s me.  Why is something I’ve done successfully hard to do again?  Is this the source for the old saying, beginner’s luck?

Yesterday, I successfully scanned and transferred an old photo to my laptop. I scanned two more photos this morning. The third time I couldn’t do it.  Bah!!

Yesterday, I printed a Weight Watchers recipe from my laptop.  Today, I am having difficulty printing a confirmation slip for an Apple class.  My difficulties may stem from trying to go back and forth scanning and receiving, printing and sending.  Maybe.

I have signed up for my first Apple class Friday 2/14, assuming I will be well enough to attend by then and we don’t have another ice storm.


Before things got confused this morning, I scanned two more old photos sent by my cousin Susie.  Sue found



 them in her mother’s ‘stuff’, her mom now living in a retirement home in WI.  My dad had written captions on the back of each photo.  The caption on the photo I uploaded yesterday (shown above) described my Easter 1944 outfit. The second photo shows me after church. Dad doesn’t note my condition, but any parent of a tomboy (as we were once called) will recognize my happy disarray, sans bonnet and sweater, knees dirty and shoes scuffed.  Mother had those shoes bronzed and the toe was completely worn through.

Scan 1Over time I went from disarray (mom gave up) to dishabille or a state of undress.  Not until I reached puberty was I made to wear something other than underpants or shorts.  Naked…that’s how I liked it, apparently.  Of course, we lived in the deep south, where it is HOT in summer.  The photo left comes from a long ago picnic somewhere in Georgia.

Notice Mom wore a dress to the picnic with stocking rolled down to protect them from harm.


I saved some of my children’s clothing, Connie’s communion dress, Brownie uniform and the muumuu she wore when we lived in Hawaii.  I also had/have the red Aloha shirt Richard wore, plus his Scout scarf.  And I have the baby shoes too.

My daughter looked at her First Communion dress and said, “I was sure small.”

I have/had clothing I once wore, although I have given much of it away. One item I gave away was an evening dress I made back in the 1960s. I made all my clothes until I was 40, and this dress was from a  Vogue pattern based on the stylish Vietnamese dress so popular back then. I was smaller then too.

When I was married to my first husband (now deceased), we went dancing every week on Friday nights, and attended balls.  When we lived in Hawaii, we attended the November 1968 Marine Corps Ball at one of the grand old hotels down on Waikiki, the Royal Hawaiian.  Alas, the photo of our party is long gone, as are most of the people around that table.  The grand old historic hotel stands, however.Royal_Hawaiian

15 thoughts on “Clothed

  1. I know what you mean about forgetting how to do things. Same thing happens to me when I work with Photoshop. It’s so easy to forget when you don’t do it consistently. I had to write things down to refer back to it.

    What fun to see the Royal Hawaiian back then.


  2. These shots are really great. My youngest wouldn’t wear shoes. She would leave the house with them on, but arrive without them.

    So hope you are feeling better. 🙂


  3. I remember seeing bronze shoes displayed in different relatives’ houses. It’s so special that you have all these wonderful memories. You sure were a little rascal, weren’t you? heehee


  4. That “tomboy” pix is so endearing. I have boxes of my mom’s pix that I have to go through. If I remember correctly, there are bunches similar to yours, except I never had a bonnet or cap on. Still can’t tolerate very well something on my head.

    Ah, the days when mom’s expected kids to play outside and were not overly alarmed when they come in dirty with assorted scratches, bruises and clothing reduced to a less than desirable or even intact, state.


  5. You were a little rebel … but a very cute one. I have a lot of old pictures stored at our daughter’s since we sold out and started traveling. I visit them every summer and think about how I really should scan some of them and write a memory blog for my kids…should should should……

    I have not one single article of clothing other than what I currently wear. And the kids got all their memories in boxes when we sold the home they grew up in. They have rebellious parents ;>)


  6. Going without clothes seems to be quite common in small children. Our daughter would come home from nursery school and take off her clothes and lie on the couch. Terry was aghast, but I said we’d only worry if this was still happening when she went to college. (it wasn’t) A friend of my daughter has three girls, one of whom does not wear clothes yet the others do. And, like you must have done, they do grow out of it.


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