There be dragons with sniffles

Sunday morning, and I am miserable with this cold. This is gross, but my nose is truly running like an out-of-control faucet without a handle. I got out of bed this morning to stop it from running into my ears. No, I don’t have “tears in my ears,” but I do have a wet pillow.

With ice and snow predicted for tomorrow, combined with my sneezing and coughing, I won’t be going to the pool and perhaps not the dentist either.  I think its immoral to expose other people to noxious germs, although some stupid individuals never get the message. I mean what person in their right mind would open her mouth full of germs in the dentist’s office? And no, I am not using self-righteous indignation to avoid a meeting with the oral surgeon.  I want to see him and get this abscess or cyst, or whatever it is, taken care of.

I used to tell my co-workers who came to work sick at the Census Bureau I thought they should have stayed home.  I’d remind them of the folks around us with compromised immune systems, one on dialysis, a few on chemo, one with Lupus, and others with ailments that left them vulnerable. (Three or four of them have since died.)

Okay that’s my number one pet peeve. Thanks to some thoughtless individual, I have this awful cold, but I will try not to spread it to others, although my family members are at risk.


My granddaughter Hannah, who is suffering with her own health issues…bronchitis, and a sinus infection (and she is asthmatic), visited me yesterday.   Hannah graduated with an art degree a couple of years ago, and she is in the process of setting up a web site for her business, which presently includes her own fiber projects.  In the photo below, she models one of the hats she made and calls ‘Little Bear.’ Her green and yellow ‘Dragon’ hat lays on the box of yarn next to her.

Hannah and her hats


Hannah and her hats

18 thoughts on “There be dragons with sniffles

  1. I’m so sorry about your cold, Dianne. I did make a giant pot of chicken soup and even brought some over for my brother since he and I will be at the hospital all day with Art on Tuesday. There will be tons of germs over there.

    I used to wear a scarf (over my mouth when necessary) when I was teaching with a cold. I couldn’t stay home because my cold symptoms (coughs) would last a month or so during the cold season. I know other teachers thought I was taking it to the extreme, by using the scarf constantly, but it insured as much as possible that I wouldn’t spread it to my class.


  2. Sorry to hear of your bad cold. I agree, people with infectious diseases, inclu. a common cold, should stay home and leave the rest of us alone. Best advice: keep washing your hands, which I know you do. Feel better.


  3. Such an enterprising young woman, and I love her creations. Wishing her well with her wearable art and may you be a dragon-slayer of cold germs and miserable symptoms.


  4. Those are such cute hats. So sorry about your cold. I haven’t had one in years, knock on wood. Now, having said that, I’ll be the next one with pneumonia. I should ask my doctor about the pneumonia vaccine, since the elderly often die from pneumonia.


  5. Ohhhhh I am so sorry that you have caught a horrible cold!!!

    I totally agree! It is stupid for sick people to go out and contaminate others. S-t-u-p-i-d! But some do. -sigh-

    This is why I won’t go to our brand, new, lovely, downtown movie theater, till “spring comes over me window sill.” I love, that this was built. They keep showing films I’d love to see. But we only went once. And then the flu season was upon us.

    I am just plain scared to go out, and have some not-so-brilliant person sneeze on me. Grrrr…. And yes, we always have our flu shots. But I have suffered through 3 months of severe bronchitis, even so.

    My best to your cute granddaughter… With her bronchitis. And selling her yellow and green dragon hats.



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