Moving with the times

I’ve been offline a few days with both laptop and desk computer on the fritz.  So, I spent yesterday afternoon at the Apple store, where I got a new wireless Apple printer, scanner and copier. I haven’t installed it yet, that’s tomorrow’s project.

Now, you might ask why I got a new printer if the desktop driver was funny, or the laptop went to sleep and stayed asleep.

I’d planned to replace my printer with a wireless version I could use with my laptop while I was sitting in my armchair. The old HP was wonderful and I used it all the way through school, but 1/ I am sick of the cord tangle under my desk, making it impossible to clean and 2/ I am moving with the times.

IMG_0127David moved my old desktop driver, which he built 25 years ago, to the workstation in his shop where it immediately turned on, of course.  I suggested he might want to continue to unburden himself of carpenter tools and get back to computers as he has a magic touch.

We put the keyboard, monitor, mouse, etc. upstairs in my study…the only things I will need when I get a new hard drive computer, which will be safe from feathers and fur, as I keep my rooms (bed, sitting, study) upstairs off-limits to animals (except Johnny, who sleeps in my bedroom.) Kathy stopped by and I gave her the old printer, various packs of paper (thick, thin, colored, etc.), instruction manual, cords, and ink jet cartridges.

The laptop has a ‘bug’ for which the technician said, Apple will send a fix via the internet.  I won’t go into all the detail, but after some trouble shooting, I got the laptop to reconnect to my FIOS system.  (As I had a pile of disconnected wires, this was no small feat.)

We removed everything, and cleaned the whole area, then my cleaners came and cleaned more.

In the process of cleaning the area, I cleared two more shelves of books (bookcase to the right of my desk), which David hauled to the car for transport to the library or Goodwill (or ballast on winter roads).  Some of the books are “new” or barely used.  Moving with the times, I am going as paperless and cordless as I can.


20 thoughts on “Moving with the times

  1. The only downside to going wireless is the enforced consumption of batteries! Other than that it is definitely the way to go. My systems are a mess of both at the moment. Freda from Dalamory


  2. I would be ecstatic to get things to work by trial and error. I am with louisianabelle. We have had a “wireless” printer for several years and never gotten it to work wireless. We bought that one specifically because we rarely use our laptops at the desk.


    • mageb I have Alpine looking stairs up to my front door ,I live on a second level . Many times, ok most times i go up them crab style. Whatever works I say. Of course I don’t want anyone to see this crab crawl.


  3. Nope, changing from the 6 PCs we use isn’t really functional. LOL You guys sound so functional. I have wires on wires here.. That chair…the date is 1970. It’s a modern one they just don’t know who made it.. How are you doing with the stairs?

    Yes, sherry sounds like a very special friend.


  4. Lucky you I HATE all those wires they drive me nuts!!Another friend got an Apple desk top and Sabrina likes Apple better. I have nothing to compare as I’ve never had the chance to use one.
    Loved seeing the old photos of you and the kids the one from 64 is how I remember you looking the first time we met after I moved to Tampa . Just think if those two exs hadn’t met we wouldn’t have either and I would have missed out on a really good friend.


  5. My daughters love their Apple products, but David and I prefer PCs out of habit, I suppose. I have a wireless printer, but replaced my wireless mouse with a wired one, because I got tired of replacing the battery when the mouse died.


  6. Another Apple lover! Hooray!

    Oh your desk looks so neat! Just wonderful.. (I love neat, but things don’t always stay neat, here.)

    Our daughter in law just “did some magic thing”, to husband’s laptop, over the weekend. 🙂 Ahhhhh, these people who can “do” computer magic!

    Super that you cleaned out some items. We only keep the books we really want, on our shelves now. I use the library, for our reading.

    We haven’t gone to Kindle, etc., yet. He will have to eventually, because of his eye sight. But I’m one of those who still is “keeping-her-heels-dug-deep-into-the-sand”… -grin- Holding onto the reading of books, as books. (But I do get large print when available, so I’ll eventually go the Kindle, etc. way too, I suppose. :-))



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