Girl Friend

One of the most poignant book titles is We Were Soldiers Once and Young.  Well their wives were also young once upon a time.  Below are photos of me as a younger woman many years ago….for my grandchildren who think I was always old.

Dianne and Connie – Florida 1964 (age 22 and pregnant with my third child)

FL 1964Dianne and John – Florida 1965John and me xmas 1965Dianne and John – Hawaii 1968

Oahu 1968Connie, Dianne and John – Hawaii 1969Connie communion-xDianne John and Jackie – Arlington 1970Di and Jackie 1969Dianne and Richard – Rocky Mount VA 1981Richard and me 1981 copy

24 thoughts on “Girl Friend

  1. Hey where did you get the old ladies having tea picture?? I thought that was a hoot. I’m a really cheap drunk and my kids were always trying to get me to have a little more of something they thought their Mother tipsy was too funny it seems the gate between my brain and mouth disappear with alcohol.


  2. Loved the look back. I really need to make time to scan some pictures. Our fourth child was born in 1963 and I was 23. The good old days (wouldn’t have missed them for the world — glad I don’t have to re-live them!).


  3. Not only were the clothes lovely, so was the wearer and the kids. 🙂 I just love pictures like these. I too usually either made my own stuff or borrowed bobbies. LOL


  4. Such lovely photos and memories. I especially like the one in 1969 in Hawaii. You look very much like one of “The Astronauts Wives,” from that book and its cover. The clothes are definitely swoon-worthy.


  5. You are beautiful, Dianne. It’s wonderful seeing you with your children. I’m glad you were able to convert your photos for your descendents. It will be very precious to them.


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