Where birds sleep

I previously posted the photo below taken around 6 AM in January 2010.  Michelle over at Rambling Woods (Nature Notes) posted a piece recently on “Where Birds Sleep.”  She reminded me of the photo.  Can you spot the sleeping birds?

Sunrise 004

Sunrise, January 4, 2010, Linked to Nature Notes.

20 thoughts on “Where birds sleep

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  2. What a beautiful photo!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes, I see the birds…

    I’m bouncing around in ‘Elder Blogs’ and yours is the only one, which has a Valentine background, and a lovely header picture. I love changing my blog look, so I was really taken with this, in your blog. Thank you.



  3. Beautiful shot and I loved, such a pretty sky with the tree and birds in the foreground. I like the contrast, designs and shapes. Thanks for the interesting comment about my Krispy-Kreme Cruiser. The Rt. 1 Krispy-Kreme is the one we go to, on our way home and a couple of miles away from Huntley Meadows. I think they knocked down the original building and put a new one up next door.


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