Reading, Writing and Gold Stars

Another rose at Bluemont Park, May 2013

Another rose at Bluemont Park, May 2013

I finally made it to the gym yesterday, and promptly overdid it.  No you can’t make up a week’s exercise in a day. I figure it was the effort to walk as fast as the swimmer in the next lane that did me in.  Hips, pelvis, right knee, left ankle throbbing all last night.  I asked David to rub Australian Dream Cream on my calf muscles.  I am better today with my efforts centered on computers and fixing lunch.


I have been looking at Mac desktop computers, and will make a trip, probably Monday to Mac store to seek advice.  Meanwhile, I downloaded a free TurboTax App to my Macbook Air. Will load it to the desktop Mac when I need it.  I want all my equipment to communicate.  I need to spread out at the desk with tax stuff, hence the desktop computer, and sometimes I want to sit in my chair with the laptop.  (You didn’t think I was going to do the taxes on my crappy old computer??)


This morning, I bought myself some more black tea, gold stars to add to my day book each time I exercise, and two more large bags of outdoor bird seed.  I like gold stars and the birds need food during this odd weather. Record cold here…and this is the South for goodness sake.

I am learning the names of different Sparrows, and I need new glasses and/or binoculars. This morning, I think I spotted House, White Throated, Harris? (he had a black face and bib), Chipping, Vesper Sparrows….and a gazillion Starlings, dozens of Doves, many Juncos, 1 BlueJay, 1 Female and 1 Male Cardinal, several Carolina Wrens, several Chickadee-dee-dees. When the wind blew the porch door open, another Junco flew in and I released him via open door.

David says I thought you had binoculars. I told him those were opera glasses, and I gave them to one of the girls for a concert she saw.  Besides, I don’t think opera glasses would work so well.  I reminded him that when we traveled to Eisenhower Boulevard in Alexandria to see the European Goose (blown off course one winter) we saw folks with super glasses…telescopes.  We have some serious bird watchers around here.


Continuing Saving Italy by Robert Edsel. Began reading Monuments Men, also by Edsel, and Rose Valland: Resistance at the Museum, by Corrine Bouchoux (with preface by Edsel). Excellent books.  I am at the destruction of Monte Cassino in the first book, and read the introductions in the other two. The Valland Book is also a movie, starring Cate Blanchette, I believe.  I loved Cate in Charlotte Grey, with Michael Gambon. She played an English Spy in France during WWII…steller cast I recall. Okay, I’m done and off to read and drink more tea.  Retirement is so tiring….

10 thoughts on “Reading, Writing and Gold Stars

  1. I’ve heard excellent things about the Mac. I have to stick to the PC because that’s what my techies are familiar with, but I know the Mac is especially good for artwork and photos.


  2. I am an imac user – after many years of resisting. I still love its elegant shine and the way it seems to know how I am thinking. Good luck with working out what you want. Freda from Dalamory


  3. We’ve been using Turbo Tax for several years now. They really make it all a lot easier. Hope your aches and pains help. Did you have a problem with cramp in your legs or is it just all the overall exercise? My f-in-law the 93 year old swears by drinking tonic water. He said he used to get the most awful leg cramps but since drinking the tonic water he doesn’t get them any more.


  4. It’s too bad that exercise can sometimes result in pain. Lucky you had your hubby to apply the cream to your legs. As for the Mac, my daughters have them. Not for me, though. David and I are PC people. Lol. Take care!


    • I may get the AARP to help me someday, but as most of the work is gathering the paperwork (receipts, etc.) the computer part is easy. Besides, I need a new computer, and this is the perfect excuse.


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