Sky over the Potomac

I took the photo below with my iPhone, Sunday January 19 in early afternoon, from a taxi crossing the 14th Street Bridge about 50 mph, driving South from Washington DC and looking toward Roslyn VA.

 The TWO railings in the photo appeared as a blur to my naked eye.  I am amazed at the capability of the camera in the iPhone which can capture an image in a millisecond.  I think it is Canon technology. (Note the tiny Gull sitting on the sidewalk grate.  It was a cold day and sidewalk grates cover ventilator shafts which release heat. )
photo-1To be posted in Michelle’s Nature Notes…link at left in blogroll.

11 thoughts on “Sky over the Potomac

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  2. I’ve used my iPhone for photos and it stillllll can’t quite do as well as my regular small Canon camera if the light is not bright. If I want to be sure to get better photos, I take my regular camera. However, on a sunny day, the iPhone seems to do just as well. Also, iPhone flash photos turn a person’s eyes white and I can’t correct the pupils like I can with red eyes. Your glorious capture of these beautiful clouds, however really show the iPhone potential.


  3. Great quality whereas my “real” camera produced only blurrrrrrr. Another photographer took a shot of the two of us in focus, and I hope to have it soon.


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