No school today

As our neighborhood waits for the next predicted storm, David is in the back yard finishing the setup of the heated bird bath. He couldn’t set it up when temps were below freezing, and the birds don’t need thawed water on sunny days.

For a while David was like the ‘old man in Arkansas’ in the song we learned as children. He didn’t fix his leaking roof on a rainy day because it was raining.  When asked why he didn’t fix the roof on a sunny day, the man replied, “My roof don’t leak on a rainy day.”


Not my cat, but I wish he was.

Not my cat, but I wish he was.

Walking the dogs yesterday, we encountered 88-year old neighbor Pat returning from the grocery store, ASPCA carrier bag crushed to her chest.  “I’ve got my coffee and got my cat food and I’m ready for the storm,” she said. Thereafter a discussion ensued about 15-year old Nick the cat’s health. Nick was Marie the Archivist’s cat before she died suddenly.

Marie documented the history of our neighborhood and wrote a text that earned the neighborhood historic preservation recognition, but none of it seems to matter these days.  When one of the old timers dies, the new owners almost always make huge changes to the property. They must conform to a county building code, but it hasn’t stopped the destruction of a huge structure, or two or three, and the erection of four townhouses on the lot.  The land is valuable, not the old houses.  And this land has been used over and over by successive generations.

We were standing in the street with our dogs when the power company trucks came through trimming trees, preparing for the worst.  Eventually, we gave way to the noise and flying debris, and parted.  I told Pat to call us if she needed anything.


The hospital email says Yoga is cancelled today.  No school means the instructor will be home with her kids. I know I’m getting older, but I don’t remember many school cancellations caused by weather when I was a kid.  Were the winters warmer? Or is my memory faulty? Perhaps it was because I lived further south?  “Do your stretches at home,” the message said.

I sure hope the gym is open tomorrow and my dentist’s keeps his appointments.


Today, I’m finishing another Ann Cleeves Shetland Islander mystery, White Nights.  Now, I decide which book to read next.  I have three other history books in various stages of completion and could finish any one of those, but its fun to start a new book.  Oh dear, I’m becoming a P (Myers Briggs type) like David who likes the idea of leaving things half done…at least for a while.


Newseum on Independence - where most broadcast news from Washington originates.

Under threatening clouds – Newseum on Independence Ave. NW, where most broadcast news from Washington DC originates. (click to enlarge)

13 thoughts on “No school today

  1. A truly wonderful kitty indeed.
    Nope, according to TV weather, it says tomorrow worse but day after is better. I keep you in my thoughts for sure. Bobbie too, she is trapped in NY. Ah well.


  2. I agree. I see no reason to cancel school. Don’t get me wrong, I love it when the kids are home and I do wish they had more days off but to take them out because a little snow. We are teaching them bad habits.


  3. The grin on that cat. The proverbial Cheshire cat!

    Heated bird baths, ancient neighbours shopping for emergencies, tree felling just in case, you must all be expecting a humdinger of a storm or freeze.

    Stay safe and warm, us oldies need to look after ourselves.

    I really must try your mystery writer. You wouldn’t read her is she weren’t any good. Doing my best to keep up with recommended literature at the moment (‘Stoner’ among others) but I see nothing wrong in giving the brain a rest cure now and then.


    • Every now and then we need to rest our brains with something less taxing. Cleeves knows a great deal about birds, and in her Shetland series she works them into the stories, just as she does in the Vera mysteries.


  4. I saw your comment on Firko’s blog and you sounded interesting
    so I’ve checked out your blog…love that cat too
    but then again, I love most cats and all other creatures
    Your David sounds like the character called Pa Kettle from the old movies Ma and Pa Kettle
    “I’ll get right to it Ma………tomorrow”


  5. I finished a novel by Gary Pak (English professor at the U of Hawaii) regarding the Korean War, and am now reading Michener’s “Hawaii.” Both books are interesting and well written. Birds and dogs? Far from my life at present. Have a great day, Dianne!


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