A Day out at the National Gallery

David said he had a wonderful time at the gallery.  I had some concerns about how he would do and did what I could to plan the outing so as to make it as unstressful as possible. This meant encouraging him to take his time to get ready in the morning, using taxis to travel downtown, making sure he was fed, and limiting the amount of time away from home so that he could take his two-hour afternoon nap.  The result was a good time had by both of us and a perfect mental health day.

National Gallery rotunda  fountain display with Mercury

National Gallery rotunda fountain display with Mercury

Photography was not allowed in the Byzantium exhibit, however, I got the dying slave or Gaul (art historians disagree) on exhibit in the main hall (below). I had my fully charged camera with me, but used my iPhone for these photos.  I toyed with the idea of using my iPad, and might do so next time, but will try each piece of equipment one at a time.  I am a novice with these digital cameras, so much trial and error are involved.

The dying Gaul, c. 300 A.D.

The Dying Gaul, c. 300 A.D.

I took the photo below of my namesake, her hound licking her leg…my favorite piece of sculpture in the world (she IS my inner self or soul, not the old lady stumbling around the Gallery with a rollator). The detail in the hound’s mouth is fabulous. 

Diana with her hound.

Diana with her hound.

No trip is complete without a nice meal +chocolate mousse (1/4 cup) and we had one in the tiny restaurant in the National Gallery West Building.


15 thoughts on “A Day out at the National Gallery

  1. I think the iphone does a terrific job with photos. Not sure about the full size ipad, but my mini doesn’t do as well as my iphone. What a nice day you had and topped off with chocolate mousse! Can’t get much better than that. 🙂


    • I am amazed at the quality of the photos iPhone takes. David kept saying he had a wonderful time, and that’s what matters most to me. I hate to think I am dragging him somewhere he doesn’t want to be.


  2. I missed opportunities to visit the gallery back when business took me to DC now and then. What a place! Thanks for the mini tour. Maybe I’ll yet get there to take it all in.


  3. Sounds like a truly wonderful outing for you both. Seeing those sculptures always amazes me. I thought I saw that Dying Gaul in Rome though. Then again, my memory is very faulty. The detail work of the sculptures are unbelievable. The chocolate mousse works for me too.


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