red_blackHave you ever heard of Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome (GTPS)? I didn’t know it existed until yesterday when I called the Arlington Hospital Outpatient Rehabilitation Department to set up physical therapy appointments for David.

Ever since David had his hip-joint replaced 6 years ago, he has suffered with chronic pain the surgery was supposed to fix. As the surgeon had removed the faulty joint, we knew it could not be a bone issue.

Physical therapy following hip-joint replacement surgery dealt with the muscle issues, and the nerves should have healed after six years.

What remained was the bursitis, the gland that produces the synovial fluid that lubricates the normal joint. Check out this wiki article to learn more.


Tomorrow,we are headed downtown to the National Gallery of Art – west building to see an exhibition on Byzantine art and architecture. I thought about signing up for a course affiliated with this exhibition offered February 8, but I had signed up for the trip to Longwood sponsored by the Smithsonian Associates the same day.

Off and on, I have been reading  Margins and Metropolis: Authority Across the Byzantine Empire, by Judith Herrin, a tough read I wouldn’t recommend unless you are a historian or feeling a bit masochistic, and I thought the course on the subject of Byzantine Art would inspire me to complete the book.  Perhaps the exhibit will do the trick.


Connie and Joy came for a visit today, and no sooner had they left than we had a fire alarm two houses away.  The residents were quite distressed as we live in a neighborhood of older wooden structures that could go up in flames. One neighbor ran outside and began filming the firetrucks…there were four and they  jammed up our narrow urban street.

These first responders are wonderful, but most of us suffer from some form of mild PTSD following the events of 9-11, when you could hear the explosion in our neighborhood, and fire trucks bring it all back.  Fortunately, they left almost as quickly as they arrived, but I’ve had enough excitement for today.

Marie's old house.

Marie’s old house.

11 thoughts on “GTPS

  1. Your husband’s hip pain makes me worried about my husband’s hip pain. I wonder now if surgery is the answer. Maybe it is a good thing that his orthopedist is so conservative in his treatment. That porch is something I would love to have here in Hawaii.


    • David fell and broke hip so the hip joint replacement surgery was necessary. The bursa is different, and the can remove ut, but David is 84 and our worry is the anesthetic. One can reach an age where surgery is not possible.


  2. And what a wonderful old house too.
    I gave up and bought a tiny black bag at the store. It’s just big enough for a tiny camera, lipstick, and a hairbrush. The hair lady gave me helmet hair instead of avante guard. I’ll go as I am but not happy. You are far, far more adventuresome than I.

    Tell david that I am sooooooooo sorry about the pain.


  3. I am sorry to hear of David’s Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome, sounds awful! Hope the physio therapy helps. That would be too much excitement having a firetruck in the neighborhood. I remember a few years we had a medical helicopter land at the bottom of our cul-de-sac because one of the roof repairers fell off the roof. It was a scary situation and though i tried to find out how the poor man was, I was never successful.


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