Remember the turtle

DSCF0053David is back from running his errands, haircut, post office, cleaners. “Mrs. Mac has gained a lot of weight,” he reports. Before Mr. Mac died of pancreatic cancer, they both did the Atkins diet and lost much weight very quickly. But Mr Mac our Dry cleaner for decades, died in his late forties, and Mrs Mac began eating again.

That’s the problem with diets. If you don’t decide at the onset dieting is for life, like giving up alcohol or cigarettes, then as soon as you lose the weight, you revert to old habits and begin to gain it back. You also need to remember the turtle. Slow and steady wins the race.

For many years, until I was in my mid-forties, I didn’t watch what I ate.  A box of cream horns in one sitting went down quite easily. When I hit middle age, I began to spread. I tried WW and lost weight, but then I slipped back into old habits. This time it’s different. I’ve been at this WW diet for two years and am 60 percent to my goal of losing 50 pounds which is where my primary care physician says I need to be.

What finally got me on track was my health. Huffing and puffing, breathing through my mouth, back ache, heart attack, stroke, permanent handicap placard. Finally, I got the message.  Oh I might live to 100 with all the meds and procedures docs have these days, but, what would the quality of my life be?


Next, David says worriedly, “I found my self on a street where the houses looked familiar, and I don’t remember being there before.”  Silly Billy, you’ve lived here for 40 years, and sold real estate for a time, so of course the houses look familiar even if you can’t remember when you were on the street.

He breathes a sigh of relief, “Yes, that’s it, I sold several houses on that street, years ago.”

If we don’t get out of the house on a regular basis we won’t know where we are. So much for staying in one location for decades. This comes from living in a county that is building crazy.  When Mage was here she remarked on the building cranes everywhere. Until then I hadn’t realized how much the area has changed. Whole blocks of houses have come down to make way for tall buildings. Streetscapes have been completely renovated.  It’s called ‘Smart Growth’ and the guy who led it left the county for a planning job at the federal level.


Daughter Connie reports her surgeon told her the appendix he removed (along with part of her bowel) is not cancerous. “I didn’t know he had even considered it might be cancerous,” she says. Good thing she didn’t know, she would have worried unnecessarily for the past few weeks.  Apparently, if the infection has spread the way this one had, it’s a sign something might be seriously wrong.


Our week is filling fast.  David has another appointment with his joint surgeon tomorrow, and I’m off to the gym. Saturday, we take Arabella for her quarterly beak and claw trim in the morning. Joy says she will drive up in the afternoon and Connie is tagging along. We haven’t seen her since before Christmas with a death, a drive south to NC, and medical problems wrecking her schedule. Meanwhile, I am researching an outing for Sunday.


David has a renewed interest in photography.  He got his battery charged and is ready to go.  Good to see him take an interest in something other than TV and naps. His daughter totaled her van before Christmas, so he missed seeing her before she turned 50.  One by one our six kids are becoming members of AARP.

12 thoughts on “Remember the turtle

  1. Bravo for your determination.I miss the days when I could eat anything in large quantities and not gain. For the past 17 years I have learned how hard it is to stick with eating choices that keep weight, sodium and sugar at healthy levels.

    And good for David on renewed photog interest. I need a battery recharge, too, and not just for my camera! Enjoy your visit with Joy and Connie!


  2. I never knew that about appendix infections either. Glad she is ok. So proud of you for all you are doing. I knew I was on a last bender during Christmas this year, but all that chocolate was simply wonderful. LOL


  3. Thank goodness Connie is OK! That’s such a relief! I’m worried about Art right now.

    You’re right about diets. I have to watch my diet, and would have a hard time if it weren’t for mom cooking so many vegetables all the time and Art constantly watching what we’re consuming.


  4. I lost 40 lbs. 4 years ago and have kept within 5 lbs. ever since. It was getting more and more difficult to lug my camera gear around with the extra weight, so I learned about portion control and eating healthier. You’re right: you have to decide it’s a permanent change. I do cheat once a week, but I think it helps keep my metabolism going. Good for you for losing the weight and for your husband’s renewed interest in photography. That’ll be fun! And so glad your daughter does not have cancer. Whew!


  5. Good news about Connie. I can’t think of anything worse than surgery. Mine was for an umbilical hernia in 2012, and boy, did I hurt afterwards. Anyway, I am glad that David has a new hobby. Photography is a lot of fun. Who knows, he might post his pictures on his own blog! Lol.


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