The Coat


Above: Dianne at Avebury, England next to a standing stone.

I bought it in a London shop, full of Americans buying similar coats, scarves, anything with the shop logo…as advertised in The New Yorker magazine. I bought a different color.  Mostly they were khaki and suitable for riding in a field marshal’s car across Europe.

I liked the coat and had the money.  One of my frivolous moments, perhaps.  I blame my therapist who believed “every dollar I spent came back to me multiplied.”  She said I needed to ‘lighten up and spend a little.’ I don’t think an old British Army uniform was what had in mind.

Had I the proper Middle Class mentality, I would have taken the £500 and invested it in some rising stock. But I was becoming a clothes horse with little horse sense. “Use a little horse sense,” Daddy used to say.

A few years later, I was with my youngest son in Amsterdam sitting at a small table for two in a bistro. When we got up to leave, I put my coat on and swept everything off my neighbor’s table, coffee, buns, cookies, glasses, napkins and silverware…onto the floor.  Apologies all over the place.  “Nice coat” said the kind young Dutch woman at the coat swept table. I fear I would have been quite nasty if someone upended my crumpets and overturned my cooling coffee.

I wore the coat to work for years until I grew fat, then it hang in my closet dry-cleaned and forgotten.  It was a great-coat.

18 thoughts on “The Coat

  1. That was a wonderful coat. I agree with everybody that you looked great in it. The length was also great. I think I had a London Fog that I loved. I wonder where it is now. I think it’s good to “lighten up” a bit occasionally to buy something that we might enjoy. Art likes to spend his money on travel. I like buying little kitchen things or Zumba shoes. 🙂


  2. I had a quick look at the Stones website – it is not somewhere I have been, though I used to live near Callanish on the Isle of Lewis. The coat story is splendid, I take it that it is not the same coat as in the photo! Blessings from Dalamory


  3. You look great in that coat Dianne. Made me smile about sweeping the table with it. Ah well, these things happen and the story is a good conversation piece in the retelling.


  4. Oh no! My mind immediately envisioned crumpets and coffee hitting the floor and the look of horror on the patrons’ faces. And yours, no doubt. You look very fashionable in the coat. We all should splurge every once in a while. 🙂


  5. Heh, what a funny story. I tend to spend very little on clothes (muumuus for me), but I am such a sucker for jewelry — real or costume jewelry. The most expensive piece I own is a $7,000 pearl necklace, 30 inches long and 8 mm pearls, purchased in 1985. Guess what, I now prefer to wear the $34 beaded necklace with matching earrings I bought in DC in August. Tastes change.


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