Dem Bones are expensive

No sooner had David filled the copper bird bath with warm water than the  Starlings descended chasing all the smaller birds away.  The exception … the Blue Jay who governs our backyard, and is really a crow in blue feathers.

After the Jay chased the larger birds away, one lone Finch came to drink.  David says he will refill the bird bath after he finishes shaving.  By then the Starlings should have moved on to yards with platform feeders. We got rid of our platform feeder after we found a raccoon in it one morning. Today, we have one extended feeder with multiple openings only the smaller birds can use along with two squat feeders with ledges even the squirrels can grasp.  I bought the squat feeders with a grab bars large enough for the Cardinals.

Next year, I am buying a heated bird bath.  I tried the fountain with circulating water a few years ago when our winters were balmy, however the fish froze in 2010, along with the water.  Seemed like a good idea before then.


David and I had our first seated yoga class (offered through the hospital) yesterday, and I woke up this morning in so much pain I couldn’t drive to the pool. Given the cold water on Monday, that seemed best. I should be able to get back to the pool on Friday (Hope is eternal).

Seema, our yoga instructor, an American Indian girl, retains an accent, although her English is somewhat British. She played the lovely background music on a recorder.  Once upon a time I knew the names of some of the Indian instruments, especially the stringed one (Sitar?) that reminds me of the Zither played in Appalachia (Blue Grass), but my memory has faded.

Seema had us do many arm and leg motions, lifting and such, and regular Hatha yoga poses from our chairs, like the Warrior pose.  I knew I shouldn’t have tried it as soon as I did it, but I did it anyway and today I am suffering the results.  My hip is simply not quite ready for this stretch.


Our pups go for their annual exam this morning. So far, knock on wood, we haven’t had the medical problems or expenses with Johnny and Clare we had with Max and Peaches.  Nevertheless, after the exams, shots, monthly meds, etc. the vet bill will run several hundred dollars.  What was I thinking when I entertained the notion of a third dog?  We can’t pay the freight on another pet at this time, and probably never again.  Most of our ‘extra’ money goes for own meds. Even with health insurance and Medicare, I spend close to $900 every quarter on the co-pay for meds. And, most of my meds are generic.  Three of my prescriptions, including Celebrex are full cost. For some reason, the cost of these medicines has increased every year.  Why should that be the case? Yes, I know the pharmacos must recover their developmental costs, but these constantly increasing costs are obscene, especially as I know the unit costs of production must be decreasing as more and more Baby Boomers discover the cost of arthritis.

God help all of us if we didn’t have Medicare and Social Security.

21 thoughts on “Dem Bones are expensive

  1. The cost of meds is terrible for us too…. we echo your last sentence. You really want a yoga teacher who keeps on reminding you to listen to your own body. I’ve been doing yoga on and off for 20 years or more; yesterday at class the teacher said ‘remember your body is different from what it was 10 years ago. It’s even different from what it was yesterday… don’t feel bad about that, accept it.’ I felt like she was talking directly to me because it does upset me when I can’t do the stretches that were easy for me a few years ago. But there’s sort of a fine line between acceptance and giving up at our age!


  2. We are supposed to start warming up a bit here tomorrow. Everything age-related seems to react negatively to the cold, including my tone (spasticity) from stroke. Hope you will be able to continue that yoga. And I hope Connie is recuperating speedily.


  3. Yes, that’s it. God help us. I flat out told our doc that if I couldn’t afford it, I wouldn’t be taking it. She four two generic pills that equaled my one old PB. 12 bucks every 3 months. I’m only taking one “expensive” pill…..6 bucks a month. Might I suggest seated Tai Chi….great stuff and very gentle.


  4. I spend a lot of time refilling the bird baths and it can be hard to get the ice out. It’s incredible how much medicine costs. My insurance through work pays for most of mine but I dread what it will be like when I retire.


  5. I like that idea of a heated bird bath.

    Good luck with the yoga. I could never get into that standing or otherwise. My back just hurt too much.


  6. My husband has osteoarthritis and takes MELOXICAM for it. It is a generic that costs $4 per month. Maybe, instead of studying yoga, you should try a dance class that is not too strenuous. I have enrolled in Hula again, and classes start on Jan 22. Looking forward to it.


    • This yoga class was recommended by my physical therapist. Over time it will help. Part of my problem is the cold here. As for generic, I don’t think there is one for my med. My insurer and pharmacist are very good about keeping track of that. For example I recently moved from Lipator to a generic on pharmacist advice.


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