Through rain and snow and gloom of night…

Snowstorm from our front door in 2010

Snowstorm from our front door in 2010

I made it to the pool this AM despite David standing in the doorway telling me my car was “undriveable.” We got 2″ of snow, so it looked ominous from the doorway with a disused cable hanging across my car. But the county had cleared the roads outside our neighborhood, so after I slid under the cable and out of the driveway, all was well, if I stayed off back streets, which I did.  Besides the instructor, there were only two guys at the class, plus me. But I had a good workout, nevertheless.

When David and I worked for Bell, he would get us there via car no matter what the snow pack. He had once lived in Germany which he insisted experienced far more snow.  Ditto Philadelphia, where he lived in the 1950s. Besides, we both worked for the phone company and our motto was ‘through rain, and snow and gloom of night.’  Now I know you think that motto belongs to the Post Office, but I ask you, when did you see a letter carrier at night?


For over 31 years, we’ve had a disused cable stretched across our front yard  from the telephone pole in one neighbor’s yard to the house next door. The cable is so old that when it snows it sags until it reaches the top of my car in the driveway.  This morning the cable lay across my rose trellis and almost reached the top of the car.  I finally blew my top.

The neighbor says it is not his cable and he has no idea what it does.  Over the past three decades, I’ve had the TV cable carrier, the phone company, the electric company, and a tree trimming service tell me it was not their responsibility, and they weren’t going to touch it.

I suggested to David he call the county and find out who deals with urban debris like unused cables.  So, he called around, and discovered the Fire Department removes downed cables. A fire truck arrived at the door five minutes after he got off the phone (true). They told us they couldn’t touch the cable unless it was down.  While the fellow stood there, I suggested to David we have a tree trimming tool we could use to pull it down.  “Don’t do that,” says the fireman, jovially. When it falls down, call us and we will remove it.

Meanwhile the fireman says we are to call the electric company and tell them the cable is on their pole. I told the fireman David and I used to work for Bell, and the company pays a pole tax, so I know Verizon owns the poles.  When the cable fell down before, the Verizon guy pulled it up and told us it was not their cable.  “He tightened it so it would not hit my car as a kindness to me, but it’s not his cable,” I told the fireman

After the fire truck left, David told me that when he drove to the grocery store, he saw the firemen having a snowball fight in their parking lot. (The firehouse is at the end of our street.)  “They are so bored,” David said.

22 thoughts on “Through rain and snow and gloom of night…

  1. How frustrating! First the water problem and now this. I suppose if you got electrocuted, God forbid, the powers-that-be or whoever the heck they are, would say, well, it’s not my problem!


  2. We have buried lines in our neighborhood, so no problems like that (thankfully). However, I’m embarrassed to say I did not weather the storm to get to exercise on Thurs. night … so good for you for persevering!


  3. Not sure I’d be game enough to take your morning trip in those conditions – I take it there was no more of the white stuff coming down. Out of curiosity Is the cable live – phone or electricity? Hope it gets sorted soon


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