Loud is so over

Mom in New Mexico, 1941

Mom in New Mexico, 1941 (in horseback riding clothes)

New Year’s Eve in Honolulu in the late 1960s was a mad affair…streets littered with red paper, driving home at 1:00 AM after a party through clouds of sulphur.  It was as if the Devil had come to town and had a party. But that was then.

Here in Washington DC the big fireworks affair is on the 4th of July…what the locals call “A Capital Affair.” And, it all happens on the Mall.  Fireworks in the neighborhoods are verboten owing to the fire hazards these old houses present.

Time was we heard plenty of firecrackers on New Year’s Eve in our neighborhood…they kept us awake with the occasional burst of noise throughout the evening of December 31 (which tells you what we were doing). Last night we heard nothing…not one firecracker. Obviously, this is not something the over 65 generation does, or the young, up-at-dawn to run or bicycle, professionals who live in our neighborhood do either. Not one firecracker…what’s the world coming to?


New Year’s Day I was up at 5:30 and in the pool by 7:30.  I pretty much had it to myself until one old guy came in the pool room and shouted …”My wife says I have to come to the pool.”  After a while a woman joined me in the pool and I told her what the man had said.  “I am his wife,” she laughed.  He has heart trouble and I thought this would be good for him.


My SIL, a man of few words, called me this AM…early.  He had been up all night with my daughter, age 52, who had surgery last night for appendicitis and is doing well. She is to come home tomorrow Bill says.  Hospital staff don’t mess around these days, getting you up and on your feet as soon as possible.

Not like the days when my Mom at age 13 in 1929 had the same operation, and lay in a hospital bed for several weeks.  She developed the adhesions from this surgery which plagued her the rest of her life, and led to her early death at age 55 from a strangled bowel which led to peritonitis.


I spent several hours this morning rearranging my schedule around my aqua fitness and yoga classes. This project is one of my New Year’s resolutions, and I intend to stick to it. Recently, Grannymar (link in blogroll) provided a roundup of the results of efforts she undertook last year, and I thought I might adopt some of them. I like the idea of doing one special thing each month…visit a museum, go to a play, etc.  I also like her idea of making a new friend each month.  Perhaps I could start by making a friend of the woman I met New Year’s Day in the pool, although I did not get good vibes about her loud husband.  I just don’t like loud noises.

14 thoughts on “Loud is so over

  1. Hi Diane — Happy New Year!! If you miss them terribly,come here next holiday. they have fireworks stands all over before the Holidays up until New Years Day — and we heard quite a few go off (not here in our senior citizen park, but in surrounding neighborhoods).

    I couldn’t find a place to comment on your post above about the cable — eeeeek! That’s taking ‘not my job’ to a ridiculous level.

    I’m glad your daughter is OK. We never stop worrying about our children do we? Even tho my daughter is a grandparent herself (and her brothers old enough to be although they’re not).

    Hope you are staying warm and cozy — be careful out there on your way to the pool and gym … I’m a horrible weather wimp and tho I sort of hate to admit it, I’m sure I’d be more like your hubby on this one and just want to hibernate in the house with a cup of tea. (Hibernation isn’t good for people our age though, so that’s why we live in Florida in the winter!)


  2. you look so much like your Mom in the photo above. Glad Connie is ok. I remember with my first child they kept me a week by the third one it was home the morning of the third day. Fairly quite New years out here in the woods.


  3. Fireworks in our neighborhood were few and before midnight. What a difference from our first decade or so here. We needed that quiet for a good night’s sleep before the New Year’s morning arrival of our final set of holiday overnight guests–my brother (my only sibling), his wife, his 3 college-aged kids and youngest daughter’s fiancee. Fun, fun, fun. This morning they departed. I will miss them, but I am already enjoying quiet time with Hubby. Age brings appreciation of simple and familiar routines.

    Went to Grannymar and interrupted that quiet time with laughter.


  4. She sounds great tho. 🙂
    We are endeavoring to be more social this year. Our Christmas party tanked, but we learned a lot from it. New friends are a very good things. So sorry about your daughters appendix. Love your mom’s smile too. It looks like yours. Hugs to you.


  5. Fireworks would be preferable to the gun fire here. I awoke for a moment or so, thinking I was hearing fireworks and quickly retreated to dreamland. Poor Terry, though, was awake for hours, deeply disturbed by the gun fire. He said it sounded like we were in a war zone. I do not understand this need for shooting guns at midnight either on New Years or 4th of July when it also happens. I usually hear all of that on the 4th to the point of being ill as it is still light and warm and I have no desire to sleep. Last year our walls actually shook from the massive amounts of fire power.


  6. My classmate sent me a tape recording (remember those?) of fireworks when we first moved to the mainland in 1974. She thought it would remind me of home in case I got homesick. It did. New year’s eve wasn’t too bad this year although there was a lot of fireworks in the neighborhood. Illegal concussion bombs are dwindling, thank goodness!!!

    How awful that your mom suffered so much from that botched appendicitis operation!


    • In 1966, I had surgery for accute appendicitis. It was followed by one week in bed and a second ambulatory on the ward. Once home, I was not allowed to return to work for six weeks. How times have changed!

      I am not a fan of noisy firecrackers and without a licence they are illegal here in Northern Ireland, so my entry into 2014 was calm and quiet.


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