Dealing with disappointment

Morning 16Aug2008 001-ADavid and I are very disappointed this afternoon.  The cute little Chihuahua Kimbo will not be coming to our house to live.  When we reached the animal shelter today to have our final interview for the dog adoption, my Pom Johnny decided to be a nasty little boy and began barking, snapping and growling at Kimbo.  Kimbo for his part remained mannerly, however, the staffer revealed Kimbo did not like other dogs and had attacked a pit bull since he came to the shelter.  Clare being the perfect little girl sat placidly and watched the two silly males.  Between us, the staffer and I agreed that it would not be good to take Kimbo home with us.

I almost told the staffer I would take one of the dozens of cats the shelter had on hand, but thought better of it, deciding that would be truly impulsive and not a good thing to do given my disappointed frame of mind.  To show you how mature I have become in my animal husbandry, I will reveal that the shelter is charging a half-price adoption fee for cats and kittens until the end of December. Of course I still have until tomorrow, although it is New Year’s Eve and the shelter closes early.


While I was at the animal shelter, the program coördinator at the Virginia Hospital Center called on my cell phone, and I completed the sign-up for the seated yoga classes for David and me, beginning next week every Tuesday for 8 weeks.  My physical therapist suggested yoga would be good for me and probably David too, so we’re going it do it again.  I love yoga, but after I had the stroke 8 years ago, I missed so much of the regular class I was taking at the time, I got stiff again.  That stiffness coupled with some other physical issues partly caused by lying in a hospital bed for several weeks coupled with the spinal stenosis in my back, caused me to fall off the yoga wagon.  Sitting at a desk for two more years until I retired, certainly did not help.  I am hoping by practicing the seated yoga and visiting the pool 3 times per week, I can eventually get back to regular yoga at the gym.


Meanwhile, the garden catalogues are arriving and I can see I will have to take some time in the next few weeks to design the container arrangements for next growing season or be disappointed in late spring when I discover the plants I wanted are sold out.

Time was, I got excited about the prospect of adding to my yard garden, but now taking Sydney Eddison’s advice from her book, Gardening for a Lifetime: how to garden wiser as you grow older I only want to grow shrubs.  It’s tough to admit that I can’t do the things I once did in the sling the contents of 50 pound bags.  As with everything else, you become aware of the reality of the limitations of your physical self as you age.  Most garden chores are for people younger than me (hence John, my garden helper). I can keep a hand in with John’s help and by diverting my energies to plants in pots.

Below, some happy photos from  previous growing seasons: I am sharing this post with Michelle’s ‘Nature Notes’ (link in blog list below).

Eddie, one of my lovebirds examines the daylillies.

Eddie, one of my lovebirds compares the daylillies with his son Sammy

Monarch butterfly on Korean mint.

Monarch butterfly on Korean mint growing in a pot.

18 thoughts on “Dealing with disappointment

  1. Pingback: Nature Notes (#243)~The trouble with weather forecasting is that it’s right too often for us to ignore it and wrong too often for us to rely on it. ~Patrick Young | ~RAMBLING WOODS~

  2. Good luck with the seated yoga. It sounds as if you have a good plan for easing back into yoga and building strength and stamina again. Happy New Year@


  3. Too bad about the dog, good on the yoga! My daughter loves visiting animal shelters. She is only allowed one guinea pig – I think she would adopt the whole shelter if she could.


  4. Hi Dianne, it’s me again. I did stop by and saw the caterpillar and butterfly on Michelle’s blog. Pretty darn incredible.
    Have a very HEALTHY, happy, painless new year, Dianne and please wish the same to David for me.


  5. Sigh… I’m so sorry it didn’t work out, Dianne. I can imagine the disappointment. However, you made very good grown up decisions by choosing to wait before making an impetuous decision. Good for you.

    I love your photos of the birds and monarchs. I thought there were no more monarchs around here, but I visited a friend from our Bonsai Class on the other side of our town and he had monarchs flying all over his garden. I guess we just don’t have the right kind of plants.


  6. So sorry about the dog, but you do have two now. And birds. Quite a flock.

    Yes, I too need to go pick up leaves and water those recalcitrant potted things. My yard is tiny but fading. While you yoga, I’ll stick to the pool. Happy new year to the two of you if I miss you tomorrow.


  7. Disappointed about the little dog, yes, but better to know now. Those falls as we age all have consequences, especially a fall off the yoga wagon! We have one more set of company coming for two nights then I will start thinking about veggie seed. We missed winter garden as travel and family took precedence. Those garden catalogs are full of hope and temptations.


  8. That’s too bad about the Chihuahua. Sometimes, that happens to humans, too, hence divorce. Ah, well. Your photos are lovely! I was going to take yoga for seniors, but decided not to due to the fact that I would have to buy new exercise clothes. Since I prefer to wear long muumuus, I have decided to enroll in hula again.


  9. Oh I am sorry that it didn’t work out with the little dog. Having had a house with cats that didn’t like each other, I take more care now. My 2 cats were kitten brothers. Did you want me to add this post to Nature Notes? Michelle


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