Mad about dogs!!

Yesterday, David and I drove to the local animal shelter to make a cash donation.  As we pulled into the parking lot, I saw a couple walking a cute little chihuahua dressed in a jaunty sweater.  Half seriously, I yelled out the window “Can I adopt him?”

Sure, replied the man.  I thought he was kidding, and asked again.  They walked up as I got out and I noticed they were wearing shirts with the shelter logo.  Then I saw the sign on the little dog’s back that said, “Adopt me.”  Twenty minutes later we drove home to get our dogs for a face to face meeting with the Chi.

David and I took our dogs to the staff locker room, and a handler brought the Chi from his kennel for the meeting.

It went like this: Johnny barked at him, Clare looked and ignored him, the Chi rolled over on his back, wiggled all over, and scratched his back on the rug.  After a while, I lifted the Chi to my lap and stroked his ears. He fell asleep.  When I returned him to the handler Johnny came over to sniff me.  Then he grew quiet and hopped up in my lap to be cuddled.

Twenty minutes later I was filling out forms, followed by an interview with a staff member who asked questions, such as how many pets do you have or have you had.  I told her and she said, “You must love animals.”  I asked David, if we loved animals?  He said nothing.

We named our vet who is a participant in the shelter program.  Most if not all the vets in our community donate time to the shelters, but our vet is well-known.

My cousin's dogs…(King Charles Spaniels at the North Sea).

My cousin Ankie’s dogs…(King Charles Spaniels near Dan Hague).

Ankie's friend with her dogs

Ankie’s friend with her dogs

Our dogs who died in the past few years were each age 18, as were the three cats we had before I got parrots. Our vet posted photos of our previous pets (now deceased) on her web site.  The staff lady was impressed and set up a meeting on Monday with the staff member who does evaluations for final adoptions.

If I had been adopting a cat or one of the parakeets in a cage in the reception area, we could have taken it straight home.  As it is, we will not know until Monday if the Chi will join us as a new family member.  Heretofore, I have always  bought pedigreed dogs I got from a breeder.  This is my first experience adopting a dog and it will cost $175.  Stay tuned.

16 thoughts on “Mad about dogs!!

  1. It doesn’t seem that long ago you could walk out of a shelter with any dog you fancied – with all your experience I’m sure you’ll have no problem – anyway even tho I’m not a ‘doggy person’ I’m looking forward to seeing the new member of your household.


  2. Gosh, you could not get a rescue animal at that speed in Northern Ireland, all kinds of checks have to be made first with personal visits to the home too. I once thought about it but gave up the idea because of that hassle.


  3. my Mom adopted a poodle from the shelter he was a purebreed just didn’t have his papers. He was the best dog so well behaved and smart and loving he enriched my Mom’s life for many years. A client’s daughter got her a Pom from a small breed rescue group in Alabama she was so loving which was remarkable as she had been abused. I loved taking care of her and missed her when I left. Hope everything works out. If I had more money I would have more animals .


  4. Sometimes adopting a rescue dog is a problem, mostly not. If they are mutts, they usually live longer too. We have too many allergies to have a pet. I love breathing. 🙂


  5. Ever since my first rescue dog 10+ years ago, I’ve been a believer that they’re the best and most grateful dogs one can own. We have 2 chis and a golden mix at the moment, all seniors and all rescues. They are our children. Best of luck with the new addition!


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