Counting on you…

I am setting myself a few goals for 2014. I mean, if you don’t have anything to strive for, what’s the point?

1/ Decluttering – after I retired, I noticed I had accumulated a lifetime of never used in retirement clothing, including shoes, jackets and skirts, jewelry, cosmetics, purses, travel bags, etc. I decided I could give away suits I would never wear again, as well as shoes, purses, etc. They were beautiful clothes, many purchased in NYC for a smaller me.  Someone could use them.  David hauled these items to Goodwill but a couple of packrat neighbors, like Dawn, hauled some things into their houses. One neighbor hauled off my old mattress.

I also found I had many unused dishes, pots and pans which I gave to my granddaughters who were setting up their own living arrangements.  Hundreds of books and years of garden magazines found their way to local charities or second-hand book sellers. For example, I had accumulated 25 years of In Britain, published by the National Trust, as well as Realm, Past Times and other travel magazines. Most ended in the county’s recycling trucks, although some made it to other places.

I still have many things to release, but have learned to do this bit by bit and daily, a practice I will continue in 2014. This week I cancelled several magazine subscriptions.  If they can’t get it to me via Kindle, forget it.   My one exception, for a while, Arthritis Today.

2/ Exercise –  I am getting back in shape following hip replacement surgery 3 months ago today.  My “win” this morning was bending my leg far enough to dry my foot properly. My goal now…to bend my leg enough to apply dry skin foot cream.

This week, aqua fitness classes have helped me to strengthen my back.  I could hardly walk on Monday because of pain in my arthritic back.  By today after three trips to the gym, I am almost “normal.”

My sweet oldest son, whose father died last Friday night told me Christmas Day, “I’m counting on you to live a long time Mom.”  No one had ever told me that before and it’s a great incentive.

3/ Diet – Along with keeping up the exercise routine, I am going to get back into the swing of cooking healthy foods.  I fall off the wagon occasionally and as a result, my weight loss project stalls. I have kept the weight I lost off.  Part of my problem is tiredness following major surgery which will become less of a problem as time goes by.  Weight Watchers also says I need to resume keeping a food diary.

4/ Getting out occasionally – David and I are both somewhat socially inactive.  We live in a wonderful area, filled with museums and art galleries, but we don’t take advantage of it often.  Last week, Brother D invited us to the Abby for lunch or dinner.  We will have to accept that offer and others.

5/ Reading – I like to read, so this is not a big challenge.  However, I sometimes begin a challenging book but don’t finish it.  In 2014, I will finish challenging books I buy and avoid most fiction.  Most of Christmas Day, I read Native Rites, a mystery by Hewson,  but hated it (I detest science fiction).  Sometimes it is okay to put a book down if it’s boring.

I know these items seem mundane, and they probably are, but mundane is good if it keeps you alive and alert because a child told you he was counting on you.

My son Richard and grandson Sean.

My son Richard and grandson Sean.

11 thoughts on “Counting on you…

  1. Sorry to hear abt. the loss of your son’s father. But your children do give you an incentive to “stick around” for as long as you can … I know, for me, I always want to now what they’re going to do next.

    One of the things I’ve learned in my maturity is that you don’t have to finish a book you don’t like. We’re not in school anymore! (My reading list is not nearly as challenging as yours; but I don’t much care for sci fi either.)


  2. Doesn’t sound mundane to me! I think they’re all great resolutions, especially giving stuff away to Good Will. I have practiced donating all my life; my mother taught me that very early. It does feel good to help others that are in need. I wish you the best for 2014!!


  3. Good luck with the goals. I’ve decided my goal will be to keep a check on you to make sure you are achieving your goals. Should be a piece of cake, eh?


  4. I want to live to see my grandchildren grown and perhaps with children of their own. That’s my incentive for staying healthy. Terry and I are resolving to get out and walk more. We love to walk, but our city is not conducive to that activity unless we drive some place to do it. We will just have to be firm about getting in the car and going. We always have such a good time when we do walk.


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