That Time of Year

Two days until Christmas, and I’ve done what I am going to do to prepare for the holiday. David finally got a wreath for the door and put up the out-door lights. I set up my ‘nativity scene‘ a pretty little crèche from Fontini.  (To see this set in its glory, checkout Freda’s blog ‘What’s the Story in Dalamory, in the blogroll.)

I hadn’t tried setting up a manger scene since my kids were small, and my Dad built a roaring fire and set the Christmas finery, including a hand-painted crèche I had made for Mom, on fire.

My kids’ dad died last Friday night, and my daughter and granddaughters are headed out-of the area to NC.  So, David and I decided to eat our Christmas dinner in ‘The Vantage Point’ a restaurant here in Arlington that overlooks the Potomac River with a view of DC. We still haven’t decided if we will attend a church service.

I will probably spend most of the holiday reading as I have an outrageous number of books in my Kindle cloud.  I got a new iPad for Christmas, and downloaded the Kindle App so I can take my choice of venue.



8 thoughts on “That Time of Year

  1. So sorry about your kids’ dad. 😦 My kids are all with their dad in Dallas this year (major sadface), so our celebration will be rather quiet. Too quiet. But that’s okay! Maybe I can get caught up on some reading, too. My mother started a Fontanini collection for my kids when they were very young,sending pieces every year. Setting it out always makes me think of her. Love those pieces! I hope you enjoy your Christmas and dinner overlooking the river. That sounds really nice!


  2. I love Frosty’s baby picture. I also love being able to read my Kindle books on my iPad and iPhone if necessary. Pretty amazing. Have a very wonderful, peaceful Christmas, Dianne.


  3. We will be having a quiet Christmas also. I hope you enjoy yours. Sorry to hear about your children’s father. It is sad that these things happen at any time but most of all at this time of the year. Great idea for you and David to go to the restaurant for a meal. I will be cooking roast beef and Yorkshire Pud for Gregg, our son and his wife.


  4. Wonder what happened to my comment on your previous post. Did you press the delete button? Anyway, I don’t feel like being merry this Christmas. The holiday doldrums, perhaps.


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