Winter fun

English: Dying Gaul
Dying Gaul (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The weather outside isn’t frightening, unless you fear days when the temps are in the 70s.  The only thing I fear is that some plants will break their dormancy and begin to put out new growth.  On the other hand, we can be certain that what goes up will surely come down, and we are experiencing what my Mom called Indian summer…that last bit of warmth before winter sets in next week.

I wore a flannel shirt over my swim suit this morning, and was hot when I left the pool. I don’t feel like I am exercising because the water buoys me up, but afterward, I know I have done something.  I go to the gym a half hour earlier than the first water class, so I can get my laps in while the pool is still empty.  Karen explained that walking the length of the pool twice is two lengths and one lap…just like the race course.

Generally, I get 16 lengths of walking in a half hour, so I’m short of where I need to be if I want to take advantage of the Smithsonian Associates’ Longwood Gardens tour in March or the Philadelphia Flower Show in April. The Longwood  green houses cover 10 acres and the flower show is sited on 16 acres.  Both are day-long trips by bus from DC.  I won’t do both of them.

English: Photo, taken by Katy Harris, of East ...

I’ve visited Longwood before, but avoided the Philadelphia flower show for years because I hate the smell of dying cut flowers…too much like a funeral home.  But I understand the show includes live plants, so maybe I will try it…maybe.

BJ says, “Get down to the botanical gardens here in DC..they are set up for the holidays.”  I’ve done that many times, but maybe we will do it again.  Walking is the issue, for David and for me.  We will do something in DC over the holidays for sure.

We almost went into town last weekend, but I cancelled he trip because I was too tired and David was not inclined to go either.  We really have to push ourselves to go anywhere.

The Dying Gaul is showing at the National Gallery of Art ….the first time the statue has been out Italy since France returned it in 1816. Napoleon stole it and took it to Paris in the late eighteenth or early nineteenth century.  Created by an unknown artist in the first or second century AD, we know he is a Gaul because of the torc round his neck and his mustache.

Dying Gaul, close

6 thoughts on “Winter fun

  1. I think we saw this sculpture in Rome. I was so amazed to see the sculptures in person. I felt as though the statues would be warm and would get up and start moving. The temperatures are in the 70s? That is incredible! No wonder my son hasn’t called!


  2. Beautiful sculpture and the greenhouse looks impressive. I have attended the Philadelphia Flower Show for the last two years and have decided not to go next year. I have never been to Longwood Gardens but will have to put this on our list.


  3. It’s hard to have a lot of ambition here in the subtropics of Florida, but everybody is pretty much in the same boat. When I venture out of the RV resort it is usually to go to a wildlife area or the beach. Definitely not quite as many cultural opportunities here as where you are.

    I hope you both have a good Holiday week. Thank you for sharing and visiting.


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