I was wrong, you can’t fight City Hall.  We received our third ‘adjusted’ water bill (with a late fee) and spoke with yet another person at the County offices, who was rude and said to David,”Are you going to pay this bill or what?”  The employee who had been so kind to me when I talked with her, was away, probably on her seasonal vacation.

So I suggested to David we pay the bill, NOW. “Write a check today,” I said.  I don’t want to think about it anymore.

All this makes me wonder how others cope with injustice.  The largest part of the bill is sewer..over $600.  Now if part of the problem was me watering the garden, how could the sewer bill be twice as high, or 2/3 of the bill?  Besides, the county admitted it erred with the initial reading by an employee but they still insist we used the water.  The county employees who checked the meter which reads water usage told me we had a lower reading two weeks ago than in August.   The county representative told me they had billed for a longer period than one quarter (a half year) when they issued the slightly reduced second bill. The third bill includes service through December 31, 2013. Duh!!


Anyone who thinks government is the solution must be unaware of how bad it can get if you find yourself embroiled in this kind of government SNAFU. God help those who have had their insurance affected by the new health care law, and/or had a raw deal from the IRS.


 I am now trying to find things to be grateful for…to have an attitude of gratitude.

1/ I am grateful the bus that pulled out in front of me this morning didn’t hit me.

2/ I am grateful I am retired and no longer commute to work.  I realized yesterday as we drove my old commuter route that the traffic outside the Beltway is three times worse than it was when I was driving to DC every day.

3/ I am grateful I have been able to get to the pool three times this week, or will have done when I attend the class on Friday. My hip is doing well, although my knee and back are both painful.

4/ I am grateful David finally got the lights up around the front door.  They are beautiful energy-saving LED lights.  Squirrels ate the lights we had strung last year (not kidding).

5/ Last but not least, I am grateful for friends who leave kind messages on my blog day after day.

Michelle over at Nature Notes may link this post to the weekly meme.  The Nature Notes link is in the blogroll at left.

Some hens are spoiled for choice.
Some hens are spoiled for choice.
Yesterday, a very cold Potomac River.
Yesterday, a very cold Potomac River.

11 thoughts on “Frustration

  1. I don’t think it’s government that is the problem, it is the bureaucracy. I have quit voting for any thing that will add to the bureaucracy which means most taxes. (We get to vote for our taxes here in California, don’t know about the rest of the states.)


  2. Oh, no! I really hate hearing about the billing error still being unresolved. When we first moved to Louisiana and had to start paying state income tax, they didn’t record one of the payments and said we were short. Miraculously it was solved with one email. I was in shock. I agree with you that government bureaucracy is one of the most aggravating aspects of LIFE. And since we own a small business, we are indeed affected with this health care overhaul. And not in a good way. Still, we find small blessings and focus on those, as you have done here. 🙂


  3. Bill bummer. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to work with a large bureaucracy to fix some problem – whether government, or a large mindless corporation like Comcast. Glad you can focus on positive stuff!


  4. Now that you have paid, you can fight.

    Thanks so much for the link. I hadn’t known about this Usonian house. My friends Elaine and Charlie built one here in San Diego, and they said they had a terrible time keeping the interior dusted…..all those little moldings. LOL

    Yes, too, G got our lights up, and the decor is cacophonous. LOL I still like it.


  5. Sorry you had this go-round with the water bill, but it’s just another testimonial that Reagan’s statement “government is not the solution, government is the problem” holds true.


  6. That’s too bad about the bill Dianne, really discouraging I know. Back in our navy days we were actually accused of fiddling with the thermostat because it was faulty!!!!. Gregg is as patient as the day is long but you attack his honesty and integrity and stand by. Good for you looking at the good things to end up your post. I am very thankful we had the chance to meet with you and David, Gigi and David earlier on. I hope we can get together again in the New Year. We are already planning our 40th Wedding Anniversary in Hawaii, and look forward to meeting up with them again. I hope we can pull that off and keeping our fingers crossed. And thank you so much for wishing us a Happy Anniversary. Yes I am honored to stand in the ranks of an old married couple now, ha!


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