Best Laid Plans

After I did my back exercises this morning, I swung my legs to the side of the bed to get up and felt the most gosh-awful pain down my right leg.  Goodness knows what it was and is, but I managed to get dressed and downstairs to my  coffee and ‘easy’ chair. And here I sit, cup of coffee on my chair-side table, computer in hand.

First David says, “Do you have a pain pill?”  No, I threw them out 6 weeks ago.  They make me sick.  Then David says, “I think you should call the doctor (it’s 5:00 AM). Then he says, “I think you should go to the hospital.” You get the picture, he’s in a panic.

I think the best thing I can do is rest my leg today ( I had intended to head to the pool wearing one of my new suits).  On the other hand, I need to keep moving because if you stop moving with Arthritis you lock up.  In other words, not moving does no good.


Speaking of new suits reminded me that I need to send a package containing 1.5 swim suits back to Lands End today.  Amazon has already refunded the broken bird feeder we took to the UPS store yesterday. Wonderful service.  Yes, I woke up this morning and found an email from Amazon on my iPhone notifying me of the refund. (I might be in pain, but I can still check my email.) I ordered more swim suit bottoms yesterday.  My problem…I am between sizes and my top is a different size from my bottom.  Shopping for clothes is a pain in the b***.


You might ask, what am I doing for the holidays and the answer is nothing much. When I was a kid, my Mom made it a special day and I loved it.  When my daughter lived closer, we spent Christmas morning at her house and enjoyed it.  But the girls are grown now, and Christmas really is about children I think.

Yes, I know 45 different religious groups celebrate a feast day on or around the winter solstice and with good reason, the magical return of the sun as the days begin to grow longer again has awed humans for millennia. For me its enough to contemplate the delicate balance of the earth and its life forces, although in this urban milieu, that can be a challenge.

DC: Ye Olde Yule Log

DC: Ye Olde Yule Log (Photo credit: wallyg)

Time was, the US Park Service lit a Yule log on the Ellipse (area of the Mall behind the White House) next to the national Christmas tree.  For some reason, they stopped doing this after Obama took office.  What a bunch of Grinches.  Now that’s a tradition I can get fired up about.

14 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans

  1. I love Amazon, but buying clothing or shoes makes me nervous. It’s hard to find the appropriate size, especially for pants.

    Sorry about the pain. Good gosh! That sounded really awful. Vicodin (sp?) helps, right?

    I think we’re just about done with holiday parties. We’re having our New Year party on January 2nd since several family members work retail. Never mind a family Christmas party. They’re all working.


  2. Beaming thoughts your way that the leg allows you to get back moving today. About that other pain, the one caused by swimsuit shopping. I have experienced that one related to every category of clothing except gloves ever since I emerged from childhood.


  3. I do hope your leg situation improves soon. Amazon is really prompt and good about returns/refunds. I know they’re getting a bit of bad press with how they treat their workers, but I still use them regularly.


  4. Too bad about the leg. It sounds like you pinched a nerve somehow. I am glad you have your husband to keep you company during the holidays. There’s nothing worse than spending Christmas alone, which would be very depressing.


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