Midweek Tidbits

Another icy day here but temps will rise before they fall to 15 tonight.

Yesterday, I overcame David’s concern about my driving in icy conditions and managed to get myself to the gym.  Karen our instructor arrived as did 3 other class members, not bad for an icy Monday morning.  A small group, so I managed to talk to Karen about the condo buildings linked to the gym.

Johnny looks for his treat

Johnny waits for his treat

Karen says one of them is dog friendly, but she thinks they only allow one dog per unit.  The little condo I owned before David and I married allowed two dogs, but it had no elevator, and no washer and dryer in the unit, so I sold it.  The cement stairs worried me when I was in my thirties. Not good if you are much older, although the condo complex had a hospital next door if you fell, and a community garden across the road for therapy.

I get ahead of myself sometimes, thinking about warmer places with no ice and snow, or apartments with elevators and garages.  Been there, done that. Gotta remember the “bloom where you’re planted” notion. I moved back to Arlington from both Florida and Hawaii, and again from further South in Virginia after I was divorced from Grizzly Adams.


Oh what am I thinking anyway?  I love my garden, my bird feeders, most of my neighbors.  My DIL in San Diego suggested the stairs might be a hassle, but I have read that stairs are great exercise if you can manage them, and we both can.  David added rails to both sides of the stairs, and if we hold onto them we are perfectly fine.

The first thing the ‘visiting’ physical therapist did was try me on the stairs.  I had been using them before he arrived, however.  On the day of surgery, after the epidural wore off, the hospital staff had me on stairs.  I was amazed. The major point of my water aerobics is to strengthen my leg muscles following hip surgery and in preparation for knee surgery. The stairs at home help. I won’t be running any marathons, although Karen at 77 still does the 4-mile Chesapeake Bay swim marathon each year.


David has agreed to accompany me to the gym, and Wednesday, I will add him to my contract with the Sport and Health Club, changing it from an individual to a family plan. The costs are deductible as a health care expense on our tax return, he says.

David is making progress.  Lately, he had been feeling very negative about life, thinking nothing could be done for one his age.  Giving up is the biggest issue for most seniors.  But I’ve had him outside helping with bird feeders and such, which lifts his spirits.  We just chased two Carolina Wrens out of the screened porch.  They get in but they can’t get out.


Choke Cherry shrub in the rain garden
Choke Cherry shrub in the rain garden

Yesterday, I talked with the county offices and got the water-sewer-trash bill resolved.  David was relieved I took over the problem and got it settled.  Turns out we compromised.  Yes, they made a mistake, a human error she said.  And yes, I finally remembered I inadvertently left a hose running in the garden during a dry spell last August.  So the bill will be significantly reduced and peace is restored between our household and the county government. The birds loved the running water, the rain garden appreciated it too.  Now I must pay the piper.

21 thoughts on “Midweek Tidbits

  1. I’m relieved and glad you got that water bill thing solved.

    Poor David. I’m glad you were able to lift his spirits. That’s so hard.

    I agree that the railings on both sides really help. I use ours all the time and it is good exercise.


  2. I think of the time when the stairs in our house might be difficult, but you make a good point about the exercise. Glad you got to your gym and that David is interested in going too. A cute little dog Johnny is. Also happy to hear you got the water bill situation resolved.


  3. You’re just thinking ahead, about condos etc. and that’s a good thing. I was always concerned about multi-level dwellings AND a step in bathtub. The older you get the less flexible you are.



  4. I have no stairs. The bare-bug for me is the hill down to the level of the town and the thought of climbing up for the journey home. Still getting outside for a walk everyday certainly cheers me up.


  5. I am so glad I don’t have stairs in my house. David is glad, too, that he doesn’t have to navigate those 21 steps at his former place of employment. Blessings to you if you like your home and the fitness center.


  6. Happy to hear the water bill issue was resolved to your satisfaction. I think it’s important to stay as active and busy as possible, which is what you guys are doing. A Carolina Wren got stuck in my garage without my knowledge one day and we found him too late. 😦


  7. Johnny is so cute. I was struck by what David was saying about things being too late almost. I know in my heart that we have to keep on living and breathing and improving; and getting outside to do things is always good. It is always important to wear the right clothes though! You have a fighting spirit what with all the surgery……. keep exercising. Blessings from Freda at Dalamory. http://www.freda.org.uk


  8. Do remember Inclinators. They are little mini seat elevators that run up the stairs. We saw one on the outside of a house this week too. My mother had one installed for my granfather at #20. It even went around a corner. We all loved it.


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