Dances with Wolf

My friend Debbi, who lives high in the Sierra mountains of California near Yosemite, posted the photos below of her Border Collie Skye and Wolf dog, Starr.  Debbi is a wolf advocate and wants everyone to know that these often maligned creatures are playful at heart.

Skye and Starr in their pen
Starr and Skye in their dog runs
Starr (that’s her leash hanging on the pen).
Skye looking wistfully through the pens
Starr stalks Skye
Starr stalks Skye
Playful Attack!!
Where is she?
Where is she? (Find Skye in upper right corner)
Skye does a sneak attack… Darn!! (See her tail?)
Chase again!!
Chase again!!

To Be Posted in Nature Notes (LINK IN BLOGROLL AT LEFT).  Thank you Michelle for this beautiful meme.

15 thoughts on “Dances with Wolf

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  2. Great shots of the dogs having fun in the snow. You were guessing what part of NC I live in. I live in Raleigh so pretty much in the middle of the state. I like being an easy drive to the mountains in one direction and an easy drive to the coast in the other direction.


  3. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos Diane. When Gregg went on business trips up to Canada, he was invited home by one of his clients who had several dogs. Most ran over to him for a fuss but only one held back. He tried all night to make friends but this one dog wouldn’t have anything of him. It turned out that this dog was a wolf raised from a pup, abandoned and rescued. A great companion to his owner but very skittish around strangers. This man loved wolves as Debbi does and is also a great advocaat. I agree that they are much maligned, unjustly so in my opinion.


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