When the weather outside is frightful

Nandina in snow - 2013

Nandina in snow – 2013

Snowing here, and traffic in and around Washington DC  is famous for grinding to a halt when it snows.  I expect my trip to the gym for aqua aerobics tomorrow morning will be difficult.  I would love to live near the pool as some of my exercise buddies do (most of them can walk to the pool from their apartments via underground tunnels).

Karen our instructor, also a realtor, has helped many of the widows in our group find new housing near the pool in various “high-rise apartment buildings.” When they grow too old to live alone, many of these widows move across the Leesburg Pike to the Episcopal Retirement Home which is a lovely, but a pricey facility some us will never afford. The high-rise complex is a lovely “aging in place” assortment of buildings, but dogs are not allowed in most buildings, making it impossible us. I can’t imagine living without my dog and neither can David.  Besides, when the time for relocation occurs, I am moving South so as to be near one of my children. David says it will be me who is left, and he may be right as he is 12.5 years older, and wives outlive husbands more often than not.  Even so, I know he would sell up and move out of this house if I predeceased him.

Generally, we make it through the winter without the bitter weather which frightens me as we’ve had enough joint replacements for a while, but inevitably, the cold from Canada comes in on the Jet Stream and collides with the rains coming from the Midwest.  With temps hovering at 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 on the centigrade scale) all day, we expect some accumulation by nightfall.

Our little Tree

Our little Tree

Technically, winter isn’t here until the Solstice, December 21 or 22, so this is an early storm. Hopefully, it will not be a repeat of “the Great Storm” which hit our area a few winters ago, snarled traffic and knocked out electricity for several days.  Fingers crossed.

8 thoughts on “When the weather outside is frightful

  1. Brrr…hope you are keeping your tootsies warm by the fire. Interesting about your fitness teacher /realtor finding those homes for the widows…that works well for her. I have never lived where there is that much snow for so long. Cold hurts my feet and bones, so I am glad to be here.


  2. My husband is 11 years older and sometimes I think about him going before me and what I will do…then I brush the thoughts away. *sadface* Hope the storm is kind to you this year. Your tree is so adorable!!


  3. Pretty to look at but wouldn’t want to be out in it. I have had a penchant for falling on ice and tend to keep inside. Feeling the joints more with the cold weather. I visited a retirement home recently which allowed a service dog to roam the halls. He was huge, a lovely St. Bernard. I wondered about knocking over people but apparently he is well-trained, very gentle and everyone loves him. I loved him and he gets lots of fussing. However, I wouldn’t like to move anywhere if I couldn’t take my pets with me.

    Thank you for the information on my horse. We were traveling in and out of Indian Reservations.

    Hope you can get to your class tomorrow but be careful on that ice! No slipping and sliding okay?


  4. Saw all that snow watching the Redskins game (am I allowed to say Redskins?) Switched to the Philadelphia game where they are playing in a foot and a half (at least) of snow.


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