When blog friends disappear

Old letter

(Photo credit: practicalowl)

I’ve been blogging for almost four years now and I’ve noticed that blog friends can be a lot like “real world’ correspondents, they come and go.  It’s too sad when an old friend leaves our sphere, but nice when a newcomer appears. All I can say to any newcomer who visits my blog is “Please leave a note.”  It’s awfully hard to find some of you through your Gravatar (the image thingy that identifies you).

1/Some people sink into depression, especially at this time of year and simply stop writing. To you I say, fake it til you make it out of the slough of despond and keep writing. The effort will do you good.  Writing is good for the mind and the soul and important to your friends.  Plus, your friends worry if you disappear from sight.

2/Others get wrapped up in writing careers and spend little or no time with old friends, (you know who you are).  To you I say come back, we miss you. Remember, we knew you when….

3/The really thoughtful bloggers may not write every day, they take a day off here and there and tell you why and which days.  We all need a break. And we need time to take photos if that is our passion, or gather more material for our blogs.  That’s a good thing.

4/Me..I write most days.  I had intended to take off today because I am back at the gym several days a week, but I need to write too.  it’s a body-mind exercise I do for me.

I also intended to take off from blog writing today because I am crocheting a new Afghan and I like to strike while the iron is hot, so to speak, i.e., continue this project until I run out of steam…Occasionally, I even finish something.

Yes, I am full of old expressions my mother used and the WP spell checker criticizes as cliches…too bad spell checker, I use them because they are shorthand ways of saying things succinctly!!

I also like the passive voice for certain uses.

( Ha Ha  I turned him off. )

When you find a bundle of old letters and wonder whatever happened to that friend, the answer may be that you stopped writing.  It takes effort, but is so important to hang onto old friends, which means staying in touch…and that’s not a cliche it is a truth.

Eleanor Roosevelt Peony

Eleanor Roosevelt Peony in my garden

10 thoughts on “When blog friends disappear

  1. What a thoughtful post, Diane, and how much I empathise with it….. I especially agree it is good for us to blog. Makes us think and in writing we discover that we are not such boring old so and so’s after all. I am enjoying being more in evidence myself. Blessings from Freda at Dalamory. http://www.freda.org.uk


  2. Boy, I was wondering just the other day why certain bloggers disappear. This is so well-written and filled with great advice! Blogging affords people the freedom to come and go without explanation, but when it happens, I always wonder if I’ve done something wrong. Anyway, great piece and so glad you put it out there. 🙂


  3. Lovely thoughtful piece. Thanks.
    The book is downstairs, and I am up. Right now I am about to dash off to get a very warm hat, and I will try to remember to bring my book back up so I can tell you which one it is when I get home.
    Did I say that.

    My WP blog won’t let me have the template where I can post pictures. It looks a mess and I am not happy with it. Then again, it’s just a record copy.

    Hey, stay warm, both of you.


  4. Well said! I enjoy seeing what other bloggers have created and it’s sad when they stop writing. But I do know that sometimes real life activities take priority. Hopefully those bloggers will come back when the time is right!


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