There will always be petunias

What to do on a cool wet late fall morning…dream about gardens past.

In summer I like early morning hours when the air is as clean as it will be for the rest of the day and birds are feeding in the many flowering shrubs, annuals, and perennials planted especially for them.  While my little dogs run around the garden on secret paths, I enjoy the secluded porch that extends into the garden like an observatory post its screened walls protecting me from the mosquitoes.  From here, I can see the garden in warmer months and the various bird feeders in winter months.

Fuschias and Petunias in hanging baskets along the porch

Fuchsia and Petunias in hanging baskets along the porch

My garden mid May 2013 011

The porch roof is half covered with the climbing Cecile Brunner Rose I planted years ago.  In warm months the fragrance of this old rose fills the air.  John cut it back once this fall and will trim the longer canes again in future weeks. The leaves now gone, I can see the birds taking shelter from predator eyes. They love this shrub which provides them cover and acts as launching pad to food and water in the garden (photo above: Cecile Brunner ‘sweetheart’ rose).

More petunias in pots.

Think pink: more petunias in pots and a few other things too.


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