Things that puzzle me

Timing is everything someone said.  Do you know who said IT? No?  Neither do I.  It’s one of those sayings, so old that no one recalls ITs origin. Years ago, one of my undergraduate professors told the class that we all say “It’s raining” when it is raining outside.  But what is IT?  Who is IT?   Just one of the big puzzles of life.


Some folks think science has the answers or will if we wait long enough, but from what I’ve seen of science every time one problem is unraveled, a million more questions arise.

As  a retired Demographer, to me the biggest questions of all lie with probability statistics.  We take a sample of something and deduce an answer, then we find out later we have obtained a pretty good idea from our deduction..  However, no one has explained why a sample, say an exit poll, might indicate a truth about a population (everyone who voted) from which the sample was derived.


Ralph is 85 years old. A couple of months ago, he had a stroke and ended up on life support.  Everyone thought he was going to die.  Today, he is back at the gym and in the pool for morning exercises. No one knows why. True, he has an aide with him in the pool (paid for by his LTC policy) lest he have another stroke.  Nevertheless, this is an amazing occurrence, and proves once more that Yogi Berra was right, IT ain’t over til it’s over.


My co-worker Sam in his 40s, and his wife traveled to Europe almost every year. Mostly they cruised in the Greek islands, but one year they decided to go to Germany.  In Germany they walked and walked until Sam developed a blister on his heel. Being a macho kind of guy, he ignored the blister until it got infected and he ended up in a clinic where they dressed his wound and told him to stay off his feet for a few days.

But Sam was not having this, they were on vacation and he wanted to see Germany, so he kept on walking. Sam ended up in the hospital with an infected leg and almost died.  He was in the hospital for several weeks. When he was finally released, he and his wife prepared to leave Germany on a flight home.  While sitting in the airport holding hands, Sam collapsed with a massive heart attack and died.  Back at the office, we were all shocked to hear the news.


Yogi Berra, giving directions to his house once said, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”

I am particularly fond of this Yogi-ism because IT was used in a Muppet skit my granddaughter Amelia and I watched one day.

Kermit and his pals Miss Piggy and others were in an old jalopy and tooling along a country road (like Wind in the Willows) when they came to a real fork sticking in the road.  Amelia was only 2 or 3, but she laughed so hard, she rolled off the sofa laughing. Even when she hit the floor she kept on laughing. Today she is on the verge of completing a graduate degree math and science.  Maybe she can figure out what IT is.

Poster for a 2008 theatrical production of Toa...

Poster for a 2008 theatrical production of Toad of Toad Hall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Wind in the Willows (1983 film)

The Wind in the Willows (1983 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Muppets at the Museum of American His...

Muppets at the Museum of American History in Washington, D.C. Closeup of Kermit the Frog. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


11 thoughts on “Things that puzzle me

  1. Science has its place, but I find they are constantly contradicting themselves. My faith is enough for me. 🙂 Loved the story about the Muppets finding a real fork in the road. Too funny!


  2. I guess if God wants to take you, he will take you one way or another. We all have a biological clock that determines the time of death. Anyway, I am not afraid of dying. I am just afraid of suffering.


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