Pool talk

Overheard at the pool (they could have been exercising instead of kibitzing):

Short, fat , dark-haired woman : “I’ve heard *Long Term Care* isn’t worth it financially because you die a year after you enter a nursing home.”

Tall, heavy-set guy with grey roots showing: “That’s true.”

Tall guy, recently married Sally, a strong very healthy retired nurse, who swims every day. Uncharitably, I think to myself, “Another guy lands a nurse with a purse.”

Shriveled bleached blonde woman: “My Dad was old, ill and penniless, and he had to enter a nursing home, We were getting ready to file for Medicaid when he died.”

Tall Guy:  “Really?”

OK I admit it, I am feeling judgmental, but whatever happened to personal responsibility and accountability?  Have you provided for yourself in old age?  Do you expect someone else to do it?  Don’t you think the younger generation has enough to concern them? Do you have Long Term Care (LTC) insurance?

LTC goes beyond regular health care coverage, and pays for the extra assistance one often needs following stroke, heart attack, auto accidents or major surgical procedures. The new health care law (ACA) included a proviso for LTC, but the current administration (Secretary Sibelius)  abandoned it as “too costly.”  Given Medicaid is going broke, LTC may not seem costly in 20 years or so.

Most LTC policies cover home help and/or nursing home care. For example, my friend Betty Jo suffered complications following knee surgery and she used her LTC to pay for home help while she was in recovery. LTC is available outside the government, I think AARP may offer a policy.

The fascinating thing about the conversation above is that the participants were in their 50s and 60s. I am amazed that individuals this old have an “it will never happen to me” attitude.”  I expect many youngsters in their 20s think they will never need health care, LTC, or a pension.  But most of us will NOT die quietly in our sleep, or go out in a blaze of glory. Given the prevalence of cancer, many of us will linger and need care, often from health care professionals.  Baby Boomers should have their eyes wide open.


I saw my Dermatologist today for the 6-month check-up following  skin cancer removal.  This was my third skin cancer removal. So far, I’ve had one melanoma and two basal cell carcinomas.  I stay on top of skin cancer, and get it nipped in the bud as soon as we notice it..  My sister Michelle is going for her first skin cancer removal this month. She’s a cancer survivor (lymphoma), so she is scared. Yes, skin cancer runs in families, and yes, all the sun bathing we did as youngsters damaged our skin and is a contributing factor to skin cancer.

Named Sunny, my dermatologist, one of the most upbeat people you will ever meet, hails from New Orléans.  Fortunately today, I got the ‘almost’ clear signal from Sunny. She is watching a place on my face.  I live one day at a time.

Sign in my Dermatologist's office.

Wall art in my Dermatologist’s examining room.


Brenda Blethyn

Brenda Blethyn (Photo credit: fluterirl)

I am currently reading a new mystery. Years ago, I exhausted all the oldies but goodies (Marple, P.D. James. etc.) and I finally found a couple of ‘new to me’ writers I really like, Daid Hewson and Ann Cleeves.  Currently, I am reading Silent Voices, A Vera Stanhope mystery, by Ann Cleeves.

Never heard of Vera?

Brenda Blethyn plays this lady detective in the TV series Vera. Vera is fat (check) needs exercise (check), has a doctor who suggests she do laps in the pool (yes).  Of course DCI Vera Stanhope of the Northumberland Constabulary, finds a corpse in the steam room.

Friend Kathy thinks Vera is a female Colombo. I disagree.  I think she’s me.

6 thoughts on “Pool talk

  1. My 97 year old mother is receiving home care from Kaiser Permanente until her health improves up until 9 weeks. This is not hospice care and it is not 100% of the time care. She will be visited by a PT, speech therapist, social worker, and a nurse who will bathe her twice a week. My sister is her primary caregiver, as she lives with my mother. Others in our family also watch over her. N LTC for mom.


  2. Art opted against long term care insurance because there were too many limitations on it and was only good for a certain length of time and was too expensive and etc. We have instead set aside a certain amount to cover the eventuality. I hope he’s right.


  3. We have LTC insurance. The best gift our parents ever gave us was their own independence when they got old. Can’t imagine having to burden my own kids. I love the wall art! Why does everything sound better when you say it in French?


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