Sunday bits and bobs

Most mornings I am up by 6 AM and out with the dogs.  Morning is my peak time and has been since I had my first baby, 52 years ago.  In those days, I stayed up until 12 AM or 1 PM and got 5 hours of sleep before time to rise and take care of baby, while simultaneously fighting morning sickness and preparing breakfast for my husband (‘barf’ SOS or Sh** on a Shingle as military guys called it). He reported into the Quantico USMC base by 7 AM.

I went into labor with my second child (also born in the Quantico Navy Hospital) while watching the Steve Allen Show. Funny how clear those memories are, years later, while other memories have faded.


Bill, Connie and Joy came for a visit Saturday bringing news about my other granddaughters.  I suggested that if David is feeling OK we will make the trip down to the farm over the Christmas holidays when everyone will be home. I can’t do all the driving on my own because my knee is giving me fits.


I got to the gym 3 times last week, twice for the arthritis water workout, once for the meeting with my personal trainer and an introduction to the machines.  I avoided the gym over the weekend when all those guilt-ridden over-eaters invaded.  I promised myself I will do more this upcoming week.  I am determined to keep the 25 pounds I’ve lost off and lose even more if for no other reason than to keep Dr. L. from his quarterly lecture on the merits of cabbage soup.   As I have said before, this isn’t about looking 25 again, it’s about my quality of life.

When he was here, SIL Bill who seldom says anything, remarked that I was “looking good,” and as if I had “recovered” from my recent hip surgery.  David immediately said, “I wish I had her recovery.”

Well, my friends, the answer is “physical fitness.”  Probably owing to the influence of Aunt Marge, the physical education/ health science teacher, I have always tried to something physical every day, even if it’s only a walk around the block (housework counts too).  I also don’t smoke, seldom drink, and eat fairly well, although I could do better with the latter.


Lately, when I am not reading the newspaper, I am reading Charles Krauthammer‘s #1 best seller (NY Times) Things that Matter. I can’t recommend this book highly enough. Truly inspirational. When I think of all the things I did over my lifetime, falling out of tree houses, off roller skates, horses, and trees, stepping on rusty nails, being bitten by rabid dogs (twice) and never suffering a serious lasting injury, and Charles at ge 22  takes a dive in  pool, breaks his neck, and is paralyzed for the rest of his life….


According to Angie’s List Magazine, the new flower for the holiday season is Phalaenopsis (fail eh NOP sis) or the Moth Orchid.  Once expensive, ordinary folks (like me) are buying these lovely plants in lieu of Poinsettias, Kalanchoe and other historical favorites. Below, my Christmas Moth Orchid:

My Moth Orchid early this morning.

My Moth Orchid early this morning.

14 thoughts on “Sunday bits and bobs

  1. You continue to inspire and to set a high standard for my aspirations. I cannot say that I am not into guilt anymore, but I am working on it.

    Bears, birds and moth orchid offered a dose of happiness. Thanks.


  2. I have been thinking back half a century quite a bit lately … our youngest turned 50 the second of November and that makes you feel oldish! And then with all the memories of JFK … I remembered how I was getting ready to take the baby for his checkup when I heard the news….what a time.

    Charles Krauthammer is paralyzed? I didn’t know that. Guess I better cut the guy some slack…he’s a little too, I dunno, kind of mean-spirited it seems like to me. I haven’t read the book obviously.


  3. I’m amazed at how beautifully your moth orchid is blooming! I do love the color.

    I’m feeling guilty about not exercising enough lately too. I don’t know what’s the matter with me. Thank goodness for zumba tomorrow.


  4. I’m going to check out Things that Matter. Have you read either of Michael J Fox’s books? They are also very inspirational and make one feel guilty for taking our good health for granted!!


  5. We used to go out into the side yard and cut the poinsettieas. The ends had to be sealed so the milk wouldn;t drip out, and they were arranged in the flat green glass bowl in the center of the table. I can still see them and feel the texture of the glass.

    Lovely new image to start your blog. You always make me laugh. I was very fit when I when into this hip thing, and I still am doing only so so and am breathless. Glad my heart is ok tho. Off to LA, and am looking forward to seeing you next year. I’ll check out that book….or send it this way book rate when you are done.


  6. This is such a great post, full of good things to discuss. I especially like your orchids. I hope you and David do manage to join your family for Christmas, because what’s Christmas without family? Memories!


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