City Neighbors

Somehow, I managed to get myself double-booked today.  My daughter and her husband, who drive up here from their farm sporadically, are coming to visit and Kathy called yesterday to say Benedictine Brothers Dunston and Isaiah were coming for lunch and David and I were invited.

I never like to miss a meal when Kathy prepares it. Her Mom was a Nutritionist-Dietician-Caterer and Kathy learned many of her skills. During my recent convalescence from hip surgery, Kathy kept us fed on her mostly vegetarian meals.

I like to see Dunston and Isaiah when I can.  Dunston is charming like a large teddy bear. Isaiah is a recently ordained Benedictine and one of the Abby artists, having been a NYC police officer and Episcopalian most of his adult life.  I wanted to schedule our visit to the Abby after they have the Christmas decorations up, but Kathy says half our neighborhood makes the journey and we might as well travel together…Along with us will be Sue the finger-print expert, Pat the librarian, Brenda the expert on sex-trafficking and volunteer at the local animal shelter, John the carpenter/electrician who spends much time with Habitat for Humanity (a retired defense specialist), John’s wife who works with Autistic kids, and others.

This morning, David is pulling coupons for frames from the Post Sunday supplement. Kathy and Dunston will make another trip this week to Michael’s to buy frames for Isaiah’s photos, which the brothers sell in the Abby gift store.

We won’t see the boys today as we are looking forward to seeing daughter Connie, SIL Bill and granddaughter Joy.  We will  see them when we make the Christmas trip to the Abby in the next few weeks.

Joy is half-way through her sophomore year and on the Dean’s list so we are very proud of her. She is home from college on her midwinter break.  They will visit Bill’s Mom (who suffers with Parkinson’s) after they come here.

News Bulletin: Around 5 AM, Kathy spotted a fox running up the street toward our house.  Fox have invaded the Arlington county and the cemetery six blocks away. We thought the rabbits would get their attention.

While I looked up this morning, the fox ran by.

While I looked up this morning, the fox ran by.


7 thoughts on “City Neighbors

  1. Sounds like your season is already starting out very busy! What a surprise to see the transformation on your blog. It’s totally gorgeous! It made me smile to see it.


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