Post holiday blues?

Connie's Farm. View from the porch last winter.

Connie’s Farm. View from the porch last winter.


I swear, I get away from doing something for a day or two and then I forget how to do it.  I’m speaking of writing a post, but it could just as well be reading, cooking, anything.   I tell David, between the two of us, we have half a brain. I also tell him, charcoal is good for your teeth, which is what Mom told us when she burned dinner.

I don’t drink or take prescription narcotics, but I am older than Mom when she died.  So old age must be my excuse.  David says I am too focused on technical stuff these days, you know computers iPhones, etc.  Okay, okay I was looking at an iPad this AM. Toys for adults.


David, in the midst of dealing with the ridiculous water bill of $1100, which the county (admitting their ‘smart meter’ is stupid) has adjusted to $1069,  is focused on the county government which has 688 departments and makes him wonder Why? He also wonders how they can be closed all week, having just issued the ‘new’ bill and said…”Pay immediately.”  This is nuts as the old bill was not due until next week and we know they overcharged us.  Meanwhile I worry about losing water.

We live in a county with slightly more than 1/2 million people.  A great county, but an expensive county.  Neighbor Kathy thinks the county issues permits to tear down older smaller homes and replace them with mansions to improve the tax base. Our old decrepit houses sit on valuable land worth five times the value of the structures.

The county also builds affordable housing.  The list of people applying for affordable housing relative to available units is 5 to 1 and growing. I could go on sharing our issues with a county government we once thought was wonderful, and mostly is for those not retired and on a fixed income.


I felt wonderful after several days of physical activity, and missed it yesterday.  Today, I am torn.  Brother Dunston is coming for a visit this afternoon, and Kathy invited us down.  I always enjoy seeing him and I think it might be just the tonic I need. Now I must choose among walk the dog, go to the gym, and see Dunston.  Choices choices…….

6 thoughts on “Post holiday blues?

  1. I think my brain is the same size… maybe… but everything in it is scrambled! It scares me to think dementia or Alzheimers since just about everyone in my father’s side of the family was so afflicted. Exercise is supposed to help. I’ve been a bit lazy lately watching Netflix at night. I need to get myself moving more often again.

    Good luck with your water bill. That is atrocious! There could be a leak. Have they checked that out? I remember them sending out someone in Illinois to check out what was happening. We had a leak in winter… twice!


  2. I agree with Gigi, I would go for a chat. The water bill is astounding. When our heating bill came to $600 one month, the electric company immediately sent someone out to check for a malfunction on our meter outside.


    • We walked the dogs, then went out for lunch…no turkey. I had a kale and potato soup and David a large disgusting “Kiwi’ burger with a fried egg on top. Then we came home and filled the bird feeders. Dunston tomorrow.


  3. It’s too bad about that hefty water bill. Hope you get it resolved to your liking, Dianne. As for the chat, why don’t you do it? I think you will come back refreshed. I felt that way after my Thanksgiving party yesterday. Blessings!


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