The good news and the (perhaps) the not so good news

First the not so good news….beginning Monday, I may post less frequently. Well, it’s not so good news for me, because I like writing posts early in the AM.  I am usually up at 5 AM a life-time habit, and collapse at 9:00 every evening.

All the “senior” activities (yoga, arthritis workshop, early-bird tennis, etc.) at the Sport and Health Club are very early. I know from past experience, these seniors, following their exercise, gather for coffee and crumpets by no later than 10:00 AM.

I posted to my blog almost every day while I was working on my History M.A. (probably why I got a lot of A- grades) so I won’t disappear from view.  However, I think balance is very important and the mind and the body both need attention, especially as we grow older. Thus, I will continue to read, write posts, walk my dogs, and play the odd game on my Kindle even as I renew old ties at the gym. And, crochet at least two rows a day on something. I might even cook occasionally. February is rapidly filling with medical appointments, so I will juggle much during that short month. According to various bosses, organization and planning were my strengths, so why not use them on my behalf?.

Regarding cooking, a subject near and dear to David, I have been collecting “easy” recipes for some time.  I am organized for the kitchen. I also enlist David for help with chopping and shopping, and I watch Martha Stewart on PBS with envy.

The good news

The good news is that I found my yoga mat and gym bag containing my toiletries, and towel and robe neatly folded away, with the pool shoes.  I must have known I would get back to the gym at some point.  Which just goes to show I have a split personality.. the ‘layabout’ Dianne and the ‘energizer bunny’ Dianne.

TrainStation - Geneva

Looking west – TrainStation – Geneva (click to enlarge)

Train Station - Geneva

Looking east – Train Station – Geneva (click to enlarge)

16 thoughts on “The good news and the (perhaps) the not so good news

  1. It’s also the holiday season right now so everything gets put on the back burner. I’ve had a doozy of a time getting our photos from Illinois sorted, get the blog posts written, doing the thank you notes, creating a photobook (first time) at Costco, AND visiting. On top of all this we managed to finish watching all of Foyle’s War on Netflix so there’s a lot of this and that. It’s hard to remain constant when life intrudes.

    I’m all for taking care of your health first with exercise and good cooking for yourself and David. Wonderful!


  2. Another great post Dianne and a very enjoyable read. The photos are wonderful also. Thanks so much, now the layabout Denise had better get off here and go do something, ha! I can relate to the last sentence.


  3. I see the train is arriving. Just don’t do what I did and over do on your first visit back to the gym. The pool helps me so much. Hey, I could take a sock off by myself for the first time two days ago. A very exciting moment.


  4. You seem to be increasing in activity and broadening your range of interests, but I hope you still blog most days – it is a good way to have an almost daily conversation across cyberspace Almost as good as having one of those early coffees. Blessings from Freda at Dalamory


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