November Sunrise over Arlington

Will it rain again today?During the 40 years I commuted to work, I spent twenty of them traveling into downtown Washington DC.  The last twenty years, I drove through DC to Maryland.  For forty years, both the sunrise and sunset greeted me as I passed over the Potomac River.  It also blinded drivers and slowed traffic to a standstill on the Fourteenth Street Bridge.

 When I rode the Metro downtown and back, we sped by the stalled traffic, the sun pouring in the east or west side of the train depending on the time of day.  I always sat on the sunless side looking up occasionally at the stalled cars on the bridge or the yachts in the marina. I loved mass transportation in those days.

In later less happy years, I drove through DC to Maryland every day. I was a solo driver and I left home before the dawn, arriving at my office while it was still dark, around 6:30 AM. I left each day around 3:30 PM to avoid most of the commuter traffic and the blinding afternoon sun.

Now retired, I can stand in my back yard and leisurely watch the sun rise over my neighborhood, which is less than an eighth of a mile from the Potomac…close enough to the Chesapeake Bay that we see the odd Gull or River Crow.

 I am linking this post to Skywatch Friday.  Thank you Yogi, Sylvia and Sandy for this beautiful meme.

9 thoughts on “November Sunrise over Arlington

  1. Ah, yes . . . I spent a few hours sitting in traffic on the Fourteenth Street Bridge while in D.C. on special assignments. Fortunately, commuting wasn’t much of a problem during most of my working life. Great photo.


  2. A fascinating slice of life then and now, and it makes me thankful I lived only a couple miles from my workplace for the final 27 years before retirement.


  3. What a beautiful shot for Skywatch! I was fortunate that I didn’t have to commute far during my 23 years working in Dallas. Glad you’re able to enjoy the mornings as they should be. And so am I. 🙂


  4. That sounds wonderful, Dianne. My son really enjoyed living in DC. for a while. I’d love to go and see the cherry blossoms there some day. I’m sure our environmental perspective changes when we retire and can enjoy our surroundings at our leisure.


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