All clear

Justin, my physical therapist for the past 6 weeks released me this morning.  We reviewed the exercises I am to continue for hip strengthening and back relief.  Justin also had some suggestions for working on muscles in my troubled right knee.

I saw Dr McConnell, the bone surgeon immediately afterward, for an injection in my knee, which troubled me before I had hip replacement surgery, and has only grown worse. He looked at my hip, declared it OK, and told me to set up an appointment in February for my knee. He told me to ride the exercise bike a couple of times per week.  We have an upright bike at home, an Airedyne I bought at REI for heart muscle strengthening, but Justin thinks the recumbent bike would be better, also pool walking.  He calls it “pre-operative strengthening.” Yes, knee surgery is in my future.

So, David and I drove to the Sport and Health Club where I renewed my membership and obtained a visitor’s pass for David, who, following my example, is inspired to resume tennis playing with his ancient friends.  During the winter months, his early bird tennis pals meet early. Meanwhile, I have the arthritis workshop in the pool at 8:30 several mornings, as well as yoga (which Justin also recommends) on alternate days.  Tuesday, I meet a personal trainer for an assessment regarding the gym equipment.  The fellow who signed me up for my renewed membership suggested I might like the elliptical machine.  We will see.

Good grief, where will I find the energy for all this activity? You might ask, “Why bother?”  The answer is simple, because I want a better quality of life.  Living a long life, which I am destined to do…the odds suggest…is no good, if you live a life filled with limitations. So, it’s back to the pool for me beginning Monday to walk, walk, walk followed by the arthritis workshop.

Train -- Geneva to Paris view from my window. The train also ran on a tightrope of track.

Geneva to Paris  –  View from my train window. The highway is running parallel to the train tracks.  The train also ran on an elevated roadbed of track. (1999)

10 thoughts on “All clear

  1. Yae! I’m with you, Dianne!!! Quality of life is so important. I have to admit that while we were in Illinois, I got out of the habit of doing our exercising (walking) and couldn’t attend my Zumba class and it did affect me. I gained a couple of pounds and I just didn’t have the same energy. Now I need to get back on track and it isn’t all that easy, but by golly WE will do it!


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