David said he dreamt last night, he walked and walked.  “Good,” says I, “Does this mean you are ready to travel somewhere?”

Monday, after wearing a heart monitor for 24 hours, he came home chipper and smiling. He loves his new cardiologist, Doctor Bon Tempo (Doctor Good Times…I kid you not!!). “I really like him,” he told me over and over.  “He attended Georgetown (University) with Doctor Lessin (our Internist and GP).”

“Then he must be OK,” says I, also a Georgetown graduate. I remind David that it was me who located this stellar feller.


County workers came by Tuesday to inspect our water meter.  They determined we had no leaks and that their water meter reader equipment malfunctioned.  “A technology error,” they said.  Our water usage reading is lower than it was in August when the reading for the $1100 quarterly bill was calculated. The moral of this story…you can fight City Hall and win.

Water meter

Water meter (Photo credit: Ron Dauphin)


“Your feet look wonderful,” the podiatrist told me Monday afternoon. “Your nails have healed up nicely.”  I inquired about and was given affirmation that the podiatrist will cut our toenails every 9 weeks and Medicare will cover the expense because we are both on blood thinners.

When you get older and have arthritis in your back, it’s not easy to cut your nails without cutting your flesh.  Someone doesn’t want people like us developing an infection which could cost Medicare more in the long run.  It’s about preventive maintenance.

Hairy Toes

Hairy Toes (Photo credit: jronaldlee)

This is also good news because David has big old sharp nails that scratch the living daylights out of anyone (me) who gets close.


Wednesday, we both saw our GP for a quarterly check-up.  All numbers look good.  My sodium level is lower than he wants, but apparently causing no distress.  I am still in low prediabetes category at 101, although the hospital considers 106 the lower margin.  I told the Doc I was sucking on life savers before they took my blood and he said, “That’ll do it.”  David says Dr. Bon Tempo had written a five page single spaced letter to Dr. Lessin to let him know David’s heart was in good working order.  David loves that guy.

9 thoughts on “Winning

  1. Loved this post, Dianne. My son’s other half is going to Georgetown now. Sounds like it’s a fabulous school. Obviously, its graduates are stellar. So happy to hear about David’s heart. Art just got his Holter heart monitor today. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.


  2. That’s wonderful! A good feeling for our doctor’s is so important and I’m glad you both had good reports. Your blog made me smile too, I can relate to the toe nails!!! Maybe we should start going to a podiatrist. Our heating unit malfunctioned one time and we had a $600 bill because we didn’t realize until too late that the darned thing wasn’t shutting off. I don’t know what I would have done if I had seen an $1100 bill.


  3. Yes a positive entry from you today 🙂
    There are some days when even the most minor of things makes a difference – I think today might be one of them. I know what you mean about certain people and their toenails – especially when they catch you in the middle of the night lol
    Take care


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