Mage’s Tree

Two years ago, when Mage Bailey over at Postcards visited Washington, we drove by this tree.  I thought Mage would jump out the car window as she exclaimed “Look at that tree.”

Since 1969, I have driven down this street hundreds of times, and never really noticed the tree the way the way Mage did.  Call this the artist’s eye.  Today, I finally, got a photo of the tree with my iPhone, against the beautiful fall sky, just as the sun was setting and lighted up the red maple leaves, and pretty much the way Mage saw it.

I am linking this post to Michelle’s Nature Notes.  Thank you Michelle for this lovely meme.


20 thoughts on “Mage’s Tree

  1. Pingback: Nature Notes (#237)~It is the life of the crystal, the architect of the flake, the fire of the frost, the soul of the sunbeam. This crisp winter air is full of it. ~John Burroughs, “Winter Sunshine” | ~RAMBLING WOODS~

  2. I can easily see why Mage was so excited. That is an extraordinary tree. I rarely see a tree so blazing with color. This is perfect for Michelle’s Nature Notes. Your iPhone did a fabulous job.


  3. Yes, I absolutely agree with you…a communist. On his politics too. Remember, I came from a rabidly conservative family….a Dewey family. Poor man. Kennedy’s liberalism seemed very refreshing to me after my family’s politics.

    My big thing today is to walk to the poolhouse and vote. We are replacing “pervert”, as G says, with what we hope is a better choice. My back has been giving me hell, and I am determined to vote.


  4. And I had that reaction again this morning. Look at that marvelous, strong saturated color. It’s so exciting, I can’t stop being exciting. Remember, I live in a land of trees that just go beige when they change colors. This one is a wow.


  5. Such beauty lifts the heart. I am sitting at my computer thousands of miles away, listening to light classical music, having a wee peep into the lives of blogging friends all over the world. The magic of technology and the magic of creation. Thank you. Every Blessing from Freda at Dalamory


  6. Beautiful foliage, good shot. I am thankful for artist’\s like Mage and perceptive bloggers like you. Both trigger a keener awareness of our world.


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