Sunday bites

I am finally getting back to cooking healthful food, and learning how to use my new iPhone too. The problem for a while was standing for any length of time.  However, in my dotage I learned how to sit at the table and cut up veggies to make vegetable soup.  I recruited David, who cut up beans while I diced onions, garlic, carrot, zucchini, and celery.  Below is my iPhone photo of my Italian bean soup.

Italian Bean Soup

Italian Bean Soup

I told David, next year, I am going to get back to the farmers market.  Maybe I will get Kathy to go with me.  I love the fresh veggies…shallots, early peas, assorted mushrooms. I stopped going because my hip was so bad.


While we cut the veggies to make this Italian soup, we discussed Italy.  If I get the courage to spend the money, and travel again, I want to visit Italy.  I’m looking at Road Scholar trips in 2015, because next year is ‘California here I come’ to visit my oldest son and his family.  I am trying to persuade David he might enjoy the trip to Italy, but his retort is

“What am I young to see this time I didn’t see the last time?”

Yes, he is an old ‘misery guts’ while I try to remain positive.

“Why don’t you go to the 12 PM meeting?” I suggest. He hates this meeting because several of his older friends who were regulars have died.

“You can show all those newer younger members that someone can stay sober for 33 years.”

“Yeah,” he says sarcastically, they can see what a wreck you become if you get sober and live into old age.”


8 thoughts on “Sunday bites

  1. Gorgeous veggie soup. Doing cooking together always makes mine get happy. He feels wanted and needed.
    But I can’t get him to go on any kind of holiday with me anymore. That’s definitely over. Marrying older men is not ideal in the long run, but I wouldn’t swap him, all the same.


  2. Oops sounds like someone got out of the wrong side of the bed today!
    I sometimes tell The Golfer that grumpy old men miss out on so many treats – leave a few travel brochures lying around and see if that piques his interest. If not – go on your own lol


  3. Oh dear, it has to be hard to stay positive….. I just received a poem that expressed my feelings beautifully: The last lines are . “I commend my life to the difficult duty of delight, and to that most beautiful form of courage — to be happy.” It’s not always easy, but it seems like you are doing very well under difficult circumstances. And I wish I had a bowl of that soup right now. That would make everybody in this house happy!


  4. Oh, he doesn’t sound like a happy man. Poor guy. Hey, count your blessings. Somebody else has It worse than you. I would love to eat that soup. I love anything with tomatoes in it. Yummy.


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