Planning our Holidays

Before we know it the holidays are upon us.  Although we would like to drive down to my daughter’s farm for Thanksgiving, we decided the drive would be too much.  David has all kinds of issues with his knees’ and hips, and I am not ready for a two-hour drive in each direction.

Clematis and Cecile Brunner roses in my garden, 2011

Clematis and Cecile Brunner roses in my garden, 2011

 By Christmas time, my physical therapy will be over, and I will be ready to go.  Because Kathy would take care of my parrots overnight and we could take the dogs with us, and we might even spend the night.  That’s a might.  David hates to sleep anywhere but his own bed, and I am almost as bad.

Good grief, I sound like my in-laws, who never wanted to leave their home to come for a visit. But they were like this in their forties. I never blamed them. Herman was all over the Pacific in WWII and after Iwo Jima, he never wanted to go anywhere again.  Despite these feelings, they came to visit us at least a half-dozen times at our various postings with the USMC in DC and Florida.

But David is 84 and feeling his age.  Consequently, getting him into DC is a major accomplishment. As we live 5 minutes from the White House, we take a taxi downtown, which we did several times this past year.  If I want go somewhere special and he doesn’t, I must recruit someone else to go along with me, or go alone. Stay tuned.


Eating out around here is pricey, and if we eat out, we go to a local bistro and have lunch during the week to get the least expensive decent meal.  We thought about eating our Thanksgiving meal at a classy restaurant nearby, but on a Sunday morning, brunch can run over $100. At least that’s what it cost me when I took David out for his birthday.  Call me cheap, but I don’t think so.

12 thoughts on “Planning our Holidays

  1. Having just discovered you live five mins from the Whitehouse, I’ll visit YOU. How’s that?

    The Whitehouse & Washington D.C. are on the top of my Places I Must Visit Before I Die And Even Sooner Than That If Possible List.

    Sharechair has given me a standing invitation to visit her in Nebraska (?? That doesn’t sound right. She said I can get a bus to New York from her place). I have £5.43 saved towards the trip – which has taken me six months to collect; I don’t think you need to worry I’ll be landing on your doorstep anytime soon.



  2. The nice thing about eating out is that someone else does all the prep and the cleanup. That said, we are having everyone to our house this year for a vegan/gluten-free Thanksgiving meal. Throw in some grandchildren and cats and it should be an interesting time. I may need to drink.


  3. Only a little cheep. 🙂 You can buy a whole meal precooked from a local place for about ten bucks a person. Yes, I agree that eating out can be very expensive. We found a new place last night where we excaped for 21 bucks. The food was so good I ate it all, darn it. LOL


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