They Also Serve

Women's Auxiliary Air Force

Women’s Auxiliary Air Force (Photo credit: hugovk)

Lately, PBS has been showing a film about women who served with the WASPS in WWII.  For many decades the US government treated them disgracefully.  Like Betty Grable, who did everything Fred Astaire did, and did it backwards in high heels, women served as pilots and risked their lives over and over during WWII …just like men.  I won’t recount the story here, you can look it up on the PBS Internet web site.

Although the story of the WASPs remained hidden for decades. I knew about them because Aunt Marge was a WAC (Women’s Army Corps) and for years, she and other women who served in WWII fought for the recognition they deserved.  Before she died, one on one of her last visits to Washington, Marge got to see the  WWII memorial, and the monument dedicated to the WACs.

South section of WWII Memorial

South section of WWII Memorial (Photo credit: nsub1)

I am a day late remembering these women, but what is a date?  We should honor our veterans every day.

Photo below: Aunt Marge visiting my family while we were living in Georgia and she was on furlough from the Army (left-right, Aunt Marge, me, my sister Michelle, and Dad).Aunt Marge on furlo from the Army, me Dad and Michelle, Brunswick GA, 1946

9 thoughts on “They Also Serve

  1. Great post Dianne. People like your Aunt Marge are finally getting the recognition that they so richly deserve. And yes, what is one day later for we certainly should remember our Veterans every day of the year.


  2. You are so funny. Now if you dress in red, white, and blue, you should fit one of the colors. LOL

    Yes, I too was a WAC, and we received a basic women in the Army history class when we got in. I knew nothing about the services before this. I do so wish I had been able to walk enough to see that memorial. Next time I can.

    I’m off all pain meds cold turkey, and I find only one new pain. Most of me moves well now. 🙂 I think of you every time I stand up or walk. Tell me how you are doing. Please.


  3. Nice photos. I wish I had taken a photo of the memorial from that angle, because it looks better than the one I took. You are right about the women who served our country and continue to do so.


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