For the birds

Aunt Marge, sniffing old roses in Williamsburg, VA

Above: Aunt Marge in Williamsburg smelling an antique rose.

The first time I saw Williamsburg VA I was 13 years old and archeologists and historians were beginning the excavations and restoration of the colonial part of the town.  My Dad was on a business trip which took him from North Carolina to Maryland, and I was with him.

One of the hundreds of times I have traveled to Williamsburg VA since then, Aunt Marge and I drove down together.  It was her first time flying to Virginia to visit us. Other years, she had driven from Wisconsin but she was in her 70s by then, and suffering with angina, so we took my car to Williamsburg.

David, was more venturesome in those days, and he drove his car as far as Fredericksburg, where we had lunch. After lunch we walked along an interesting part of the Rappahannock River, where George Washington was reputed to have tossed the silver dollar.

As we walked along a flock of Scissortail Flycatchers flew out of the vegetation on the bank.  It was early fall, so I assumed they were on their way south for the winter. None of us had ever seen these lovely birds who looked as if they would crash given the length of their tails.

We were all startled. I was not quick enough to capture them on my camera, so I borrowed a couple of photos from the Internet. I could only find a few.  They are elusive little birds.  Fortunately, Marge and I could add them to our life lists of bird sightings.

The birds we saw had the longer tails, as shown in the bottom photo. This post will be linked to Michelle’s Nature Notes.


Scissor-tailed_Flycatcher (Photo credit: this is for the birds)

A scissor-tailed flycatcher in flight near Gle...

A scissor-tailed flycatcher in flight near Glen Rose, Texas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

13 thoughts on “For the birds

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  2. What magnificent birds. It’s been such a long time since we’ve seen Williamsburg and Plimouth Plantation. I would love to go back and walk those streets again. That is a sweet photo of your aunt Marge.


  3. The star: No power. The wind has to move her. If there is no wind, she just sits there. They pull her away from the dock and out past the tip of the point by tug. 🙂

    I love this post. Brings all sorts of memories back. I was stationed at Ft.Eustis, and it was so exciting to explore the area. I was young, I could easily climb things, and all the history was fascinating. We got a tiny apartment in Yorktown, and commuted up the Parkway every day. I was married to Paul at the Bruton Parish Church, and the reception was held at the Williamsburg Hotel. All mother;’s ideas. I loved that place…and it was free. You could just drive right in and park.


    • Wonderful place, but Fredericksburg (which has far more history) was offered the money for the restoration and turned it down, so the Rockefeller Foundation turned to Williamsburg which took the money and never looked back.


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