Crochet projects or how green can I be?

Are you fond of certain Internet companies and deal with them year after year? One of my favorites is The Yarn Market. I think it is located in Germany, however when I speak with someone in their office she always has an American accent.  They handle most brands and kinds of fibers, and the one I like best comes from Turkey where it is manufactured and perhaps the sheep live?

I find the world-wide web of trading partners utterly amazing.  I buy coffee processed in Italy by a German company. However, the beans are Arabica, organically grown in Latin America in the tierra templada (mountains at lower levels) under tall shade trees, in ways that protect the birds, and fair traded…which means the farmer gets his share of the proceeds.  I care about birds, so I pay attention to these things.

And yes, I know a heck of a lot of jet fuel is expended on transporting these items, but that’s economics…the dismal science. The air is messed up a bit by International trade, but families earn a living. I’d be more concerned about jet fuel, except I know more crap leaks into the air from a fissure in the ocean floor off the California coast than ever was spilled from any oil rig, anywhere.

My own parrots (from Africa and South America) like blueberries.  At this time of the year, I can only get blueberries from South America (Chile, Argentina).  The kind I buy is grown by a cooperative of family farmers who produce their berries organically and via fair trade.  Although they are not as tasty as blueberries from New Jersey (best anywhere) or Michigan, my parrots love them.  Well, the South American parrots love them.  The African parrots could care less.  They prefer hot peppers which come from California and elsewhere this time of year.

I am not a very good crocheter, but I keep on trying.  Some of my more disastrous projects have become part of dog beds.  Below is a recent example of a couple of projects half completed and gone awry which warm one child’s bed. Recycling at its best.  Meanwhile, I keep on keeping on, trying to be green in a complex world.


11 thoughts on “Crochet projects or how green can I be?

  1. Hi Dianne, an interesting post. I have never heard of this Fair Trade Coffee before. It’s something I would be interesting in purchasing. I am not a knitter or a crocheter. Only wish I was because I love to see the creations. So pretty! Parrots? Never knew you had parrots or that they liked blueberries, at least one of them anyhow. I looked up Landstuhl. We didn’t come across it. I checked it out on the map and it is 233 km from where we were, up to the north and slightly east.


  2. I love Roy’s Royal Kona Blend coffee, which I purchase at Costco. I always pour it over a tall glass of ice cubes and then I add skim milk without stirring. I don’t drink anything hot anymore. Lol. Give me iced coffee or iced tea any day.


  3. I gave up on crocheting just as I gave up on quilting and throwing pots…..tho I did well at glazing and slab work. Actually, the list of things I’ve given up is awfully long usually due to some physical malfunction or other. Darn it. I buy books on line. Alibris and ABEBooks are my two favorite sites. I hate paying real money for a book.

    Hugs the Piker from us. 🙂


  4. Huh… So parrots don’t eat just crackers? lol Funny how they have different preferences.
    I used to knit and crochet all the time (now it makes my shoulders ache) and I can certainly sympathize with the recycled disasters. 🙂


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