It’s beginning to look a lot like….

Cheerful Christmas Cactus

Cheerful Christmas Cactus

Several folks have commented that it’s a bit early to think about Christmas, or whatever you celebrate around the Yuletide.  My latest plant to cheer a cold window in winter, a Christmas cactus loaded with buds,  arrived this week from White Flower Farm where I buy many seasonal plants. Later on, I will photograph the plant in full bloom.

 I’ve had Christmas cacti of one kind or another for years. The first Christmas cactus, a pass-along plant, was given to me when I was vey poor with three young children, by my friend Doris.  She said it had come from a plant passed along from friend to friend, then through her family since the nineteenth century. I treasured that little plant which traveled with me through many moves. Although it survived my sorry efforts with house plants for years, eventually it died from neglect.  It helps if you repot a plant occasionally and also remember to water it.

The day after Thanksgiving, I will put up my little Christmas tree. The first of December, I will start the Christmas screen saver on my main computer. I’ve had that screen saver, which depicts a middle-class Victorian sitting room in London as it undergoes seasonal adjustments beginning with the moving of the arm chair to make way for the tree to Christmas morning after the presents are opened and strewn about the floor.

I received the PC screen saver via a link to the ‘Oxford Group’  years ago.  The group or its name eventually disappeared, but someone out in the wide world updated it annually for a couple of years, probably via a cookie, which I activated when I started the program each December.

Screen savers designed to “save” your screen were all you needed during the early more civil days of communication via the Internet. Sadly, civility has given way to something more sinister as hackers and spammers constantly try to destroy someone else’s serenity.

For example, I unthinkingly titled  a recent blog with a phrase, which can be construed as pertaining to sex, and suddenly I am besieged with 5 zillion emails and spam (which WP catches for me BTW) advertising  products (unmentionable) I am never likely to buy. In the days of mainframes and clunky computers, we were not subjected to such dastardly and potentially deleterious behavior by diseased minds.   And we had fun.

9 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like….

  1. That is a very healthy, happy Christmas plant. Both of ours look rather scrawny. I’m thinking about Christmas too just because my Zumba group is already planning the party and have told us to think about the goodie gifts we’ll be sharing.


  2. What a lovely Christmas cactus and it looks like it will bloom at the right time. I had one for years that bloomed twice every year but never at Christmas !!


  3. What a nice plant. My anthurium plant, which I purchased in March, is doing very well on the coffee table in the living room. It has grown by leaps and bounds and has 2 new blooms, now.


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