Little bits…

Six weeks today since the hip joint replacement, and I’m doing well, walking without the cane, toes healing rapidly. Things are looking up.   I have a few more miles of tread on the old body, apparently.  Meanwhile, David thinks he’s falling apart.  he sees Dr. R. the bone guy this afternoon…”My shoulder, my knee, my hip” he says. His daughterJulie was going to take him to the appointment, but she called to say the cleaners have come to take care of the sewerage backup they had last week.  So David is annoyed and directs his annoyance toward me…it’s called misdirected anger.  I offer to take him to the doc.  He declines. Geeez…

I’ve learned the hard way I cannot fix people, and I cannot fix him when he’s irritated.  Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be, someone said. David has had a non-existent or lousy relationship with his kids for a long time.  In recent years, he has been re-establishing the relationship with his daughter.  She did not make up the problem she has.  She told her Dad last week about the sewerage problem. That the cleaners are coming today is pure coincidence.  Service people don’t say, “How High” when you say jump….at least not for big jobs.


Yesterday, I ordered Charles Krutheimer’s autobiography, Things That Matter for my Kindle.  I like Charles and agree with him much of the time.  He’s a psychiatrist and conservative commentator on FBN (FOX news network) and “Inside Washington” on PBS. Charles also writes a syndicated column which appears in the Washington Post and other newspapers.  Bill Clinton said Charles was the smartest guy around, and he probably is. As George Wills has left ABC and joined FOX, you can see these friends and dynamic duo together during the news hour many nights. Looking for your ex-Congressma? Try FOX where many former lawmakers, including lovable left-wing Dennis Kucinich have appeared since leaving office.


I took the photo below on a recent visit to my bird vet’s office.  Taken in the parking space behind a row house in Old Town Alexandria, the combination of colors reminded me once again that beauty is all around us and the smallest unlovely spaces can be turned into “gardens.”

Scene in an ally in Alexandria VA

Scene in an ally in Alexandria VA

5 thoughts on “Little bits…

  1. I’m so glad you’ve been healing well. Poor David that he appears hurt (and annoyed). I hope he’s able to establish an enjoyable relationship with his children.


  2. Six weeks? Seems to have flown by here but I daresay it hasn’t your end. Life has a tendency to throw you some curve balls sometimes, a favorite saying of my dear husband. That’s a pretty picture, nice composition 🙂


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