Wordless Wednesday

College Bound

College Bound

8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. This shot is just too cool. I wonder if the passenger seat was full.

    Read that the Democratic Sleazeball was elected, and was very glad to see the Tea Party candidate go for a fall.


    • McAuliffe barely squeaked by. With a legislature that is 75% red, and no mandate, he won’t get far. The Republicans deserved to lose…they should have had a primary, but most Republicans wanted Bill Bolling, the LT Gov, as the nominee, and he was too ‘liberal’ for the extreme right. Consequently, many Republicans voted Democrat.

      Dems do it too. I hated the way Obama was nominated with caucuses, while Hillary ran in primaries and got votes. Caucuses are not democratic. boo hiss!!


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