Does Elder Hostel go to Italy?


Venice. (Photo credit: Valerio “Dokka” D’Introno.)

This AM I am feeling great.  The weather is cooler and David and I walked around the block, the first time since my surgery.  Heretofore, I have walked to the end of the short block and back, so this latest walk is an improvement.  Progress not perfection.  The good news is that I am really beginning to appreciate the new hip.  I didn’t become winded (the air is cleaner at this time of year: the tour buses are mostly gone and it’s Sunday so the commuter traffic is in the suburbs). Best of all, my hip gave me nary a twinge of pain. I felt so good, I stopped to chat with a neighbor Matt, planting his tulip bulbs.  My bulbs should arrive next week from Brent and Becky’s Bulbs in Gloucester VA.

Generally, after I walk, I come home and crash in my easy chair, but today, I came home and mixed Miso marinade for the salmon (our lunch).  I checked into Weight Watchers on my iPhone, (loving this WW app) and recorded my latest 0.4 lb loss.  It ain’t much but its going in the right direction.  The past few weeks, I have not been as faithful to the program as I could, but am now energized to begin recording food intake again.

Before I walked, I read more of my latest history, a wonderful new book by Cambridge (UK) historian Judith Herrin, Margins and Metropolis, Authority Across the Byzantine Empire.  A perfect fit with the other histories on Eurasia and Venice I have read this past year. (One of these days, I will relocate some of the photos from Venice, sent to me by my son Richard.  Richard proposed to his wife Wendy on one of their many trips to Italy.

Do you know Venice was once part of the Byzantine Empire?  One of these days, one of these days…Italy is definitely on my bucket list.  Now I must decide, is it Italy or a new kitchen??  Decisions, decisions. Meanwhile, I am practicing my Italian and building up my walking stamina.

8 thoughts on “Does Elder Hostel go to Italy?

  1. That is a real dilemma. Italy or a new kitchen. Sigh… I do have to tell you that we LOVED Rome (and Florence, Sienna, etc.). The history there is incredible. We took our kids and it was such a fabulous experience. How about Italy and a scaled down kitchen redo?


  2. LOL one year we had to decide whether we would travel business class or have the new kitchen we certainly needed ( to replace original 1960 s model ) The kitchen won!
    Good to hear you are progressing and extending your walks. FMy sister had both her hips replaced a few years ago – she has been back to snow skiing for quite a while now. Wishes the boundaries for replacement had been lower so she could have had the ops years before she did.
    Take care


  3. How wonderful that you are now able to walk around the block with David. Keep it up. I loved Italy in 1969. We were planning to go again next year, but realized that we would have a hard time walking extensively. Walking in India almost killed us. So, we have decided to go on a river boat cruise up and down the Seine River in France, instead. I love the idea of planting bulbs, but don’t think they would thrive in hot Hawaii.


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