Camera madness?

The camera I carried around for ages relied on film. I bought my first camera a Kodak, in the early 1950s, when I was eight years old. I formed the idea of taking my own photos when I was much younger, watching my Dad, grandparents, and Aunt Marge with their cameras, and saved my allowance and birthday money for several years to buy my camera. I had no idea of the expense of film, both it’s purchase and development. That rude surprise came later. Nevertheless, no matter how poor I was, I managed to take photos everywhere I lived and traveled for over 60 years.

Lately, when scanning my slides, and some of the old photos I kept in a ‘acid’ free’ box, I found many images I thought worthy of destruction. Thus they will never be seen again.

For years, when I traveled in Europe, I lugged a heavy, expensive camera everywhere, and one day when I was in a garden in Geneva, I noticed all the clever young people around me were using tiny cameras, and said…”What gives?” I learned they had modern new digital cameras.

I learned to operate digital cameras in the past few years, and have finally, thanks to photographer Mage, over sat Postcards (see blogroll at left) found a camera I like…a Cannon.  It has so many features, I need a course on how to use them, but I am a ‘trial and error’ type of person, so I fumble along until I get the hang of things. Also, I have camera savvy instructors…granddaughters, who have even, in the case of the oldest, taken photography courses.

So here are a few more photos, some from my ‘box’,  some from slides, many stored on a nifty thumb drive.

Below,  a sample of my oddball collection of photos that never made it into an album, or why it is not good to toss photos in a box.

My old dog Max and cat Snizzy, both passed over the rainbow bridge

Below, the last photo of my Dad and me, taken at the farm in East Tennessee, probably the late 1970s.Dad and me at the farm c. 1978

British Cemetery, Battle of Trafalgar

British Cemetery, Battle of Trafalgar, Gibraltar

One of Turner's great paintings of sea battle.

One of Turner’s great paintings of sea battle don’t know where I got it, probably the Tate museum in London?


13 thoughts on “Camera madness?

  1. Just delightful. You know that a couple of years ago, I began doggedly scanning my pictures. Every photo I saved outside of my journals, I made sure was marked and on disc. The stuff in my journals got scanned and the journals will get donated somewhere.

    Yes, but some of the other sex disappoint me too. LOL


  2. We have thousands of slides taken in the 70s, 80s, and early 90s. What type, brand, etc, of scanner for the slides do you have? We probably need to invest in one so I can eventually throw all these boxes of slides out.


  3. I’ve been having problems commenting on WP blogs, hence the longish absence.

    I am about to buy myself a new digital camera, a good but easy to operate one. I can’t be bothered to learn the intricacies of a complicated, expensive one, with lots of separate lenses.

    Over a year ago I emptied a suitcase of photographs and burnt most of them. They were not only bad but I didn’t know people or places on them. I don’t find old photographs with their fuzzy images worthy of retention.

    PS: You were rather chauvinistic when you assumed that my journalist friend, who is a rain forest and indigenous rain forest population expert, – not an environmentalist, more a political animal – is male. She’s a woman, quite elderly even. If you’d clicked on the link you’d have seen her and an article she wrote.

    As a strong personality and competent, professional, woman yourself that would surely please you? I admit to having been a feminist from the 70s onwards and am still keen on women having their say in this male dominated world of ours.


    • Unfortunately, when women have their say, some of them prove to be every bit as ignorant as men. I had high hopes for my sex, but must agree with Jane Austen, some them disappoint me. Casting no aspersions on your friend, of course.


  4. Wonderful photos Dianne! We are with my father-in-law this weekend and we have been scanning a lot of his old photos. He has a lot of slides. What program do you use to convert those slides? He has so many he wants to put on his computer so that he can see them on the bigger screen. Hope you are healing quickly 🙂


  5. How cool is that? I loooove these photos, Dianne. They are indeed priceless, particularly the one of you and your dad. I used to keep my photos in albums, but now the glue has dried and the photos are falling off the pages. There are many photos that have been stuck into envelopes and are stacked onto a shelf in my bookcase. I have so much time these days that I really should sit down and make it a project to file these photos in albums or on a disk.


    • Drawers, closet shelves, boxes on desk shelves, envelopes stuffed in bookcases. Everywhere I look, even have some in frames. Madness…utter madness. You would think I would have the time to sort them, but I can’t seem to find it.


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